Overwolf and Fuze.tv Sponsoring Upcoming Rainbow Six North American League

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Mar, 22nd 2021

The Rainbow Six North American League Stage 1 is set to start on March 24th and last through April 22nd. It’s a $175,000 top-tier R6 competition featuring nine stellar teams, all fighting for the biggest cut of the prize pool cake, $77,500. In addition to that, the winning team also gets 510 Six Invitational points, which could prove crucial on their path to next year’s Invitational.

But, we’re not here to talk about the event. We’re here to talk about some behind-the-scenes stuff.

Earlier today, Fuze.tv announced a partnership with Ubisoft regarding their R6 NAL Stage 1 competition. The sponsorship revolves around a “Clips of the Week” contest powered by Fuze.tv and Ubisoft. Gamers will be able to upload their best in-game clips that will be featured in the weekly live broadcast of the event.

“Fuze.tv is excited to partner with Ubisoft and enhance the way Rainbow Six gamers share meaningful moments of their gameplay. Our mission is to unlock any gamer’s inner muse and become creatively powerful with easy-to-use supertools. Rainbow 6 community is a perfect match,” Jonathan Weinberg, CEO and Founder of Fuze.tv

Overwolf’s Role

What’s Overwolf’s part in all this? Well, Fuze.tv was built on Overwolf’s AIO (all in one) platform for creating, editing, distributing and monetizing in-game apps and mods. Overwolf is now an ever-present factor in the gaming world, slowly inching towards esports waters too.

However, built-in apps are what’s pushing Overwolf forward. Whether we’re talking about stats tracking, weekly gaming contests, or in-game recording solutions, Overwolf’s platform has it all. The versatility of built-in apps is second to none, and we’re excited to see what Overwolf does next to further improve its (already legendary) status in the esports industry.

This R6 event is not Fuze.tv’s and Overwolf’s first gaming clips contest. They already hosted one in February; #ClipClash Contest was the name and it got plenty of hype thanks to superb rewards across the board.

While we don’t know the official prize pool distribution just yet, we do know the top three creators (each week) will get gaming jerseys, in-game currency, and a ton of other gaming prizes.

Please click here to learn more about the process of submitting your Rainbow Six Siege clips!


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