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While it may not be the original hero shooter, Overwatch was certainly instrumental in breathing fresh life into the genre. With a uniquely diverse and creative cast of heroes, a focus of team-based gameplay, and tons of mechanical depth it’s no wonder that this has become such a beloved title. Join us here for breaking Overwatch news and updates including info on upcoming heroes, maps, events, the Overwatch League, and more.

Latest Overwatch News in 2021

Petar Vukobrat | September 22, 2021
Things just went from (really) bad to worse: Chacko Sonny, the executive producer on both […]
Petar Vukobrat | September 19, 2021
If you’ve been yearning for some Overwatch 2 updates, we have good news: Blizzard will […]
Sebastian Lubbers | September 7, 2021
The biggest event of the Overwatch season is on its way later this month, with […]
Sebastian Lubbers | September 4, 2021
Coverage of the Overwatch League has been conflicting as of late, with reports stating that […]
Sebastian Lubbers | September 1, 2021
In light of the recent lawsuit, allegations of evidence tampering, and sponsors bailing on the […]
Petar Vukobrat | September 1, 2021
Overwatch 2, a sequel that is far more important that most people realize, will reportedly […]
Petar Vukobrat | August 26, 2021
If you were hoping to attend the upcoming 2021 Overwatch League playoff events in-person, we […]
Sebastian Lubbers | August 26, 2021
Content Warning: The following article discusses figures involved in allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination […]
Sebastian Lubbers | August 25, 2021
CW: The following article contains subject matter discussing racism and racial prejudice. If such content […]
Jason Parker | August 12, 2021
There was a report yesterday that the Overwatch League would go on a year-long delay, […]
Jason Parker | August 9, 2021
We’ve spoken at length about Overwatch League sponsors over the last week. Quite a few […]
Jason Parker | August 9, 2021
Is it true that Overwatch 2 is being delayed until 2023? Well, that’s hard to […]
Jason Parker | August 9, 2021
The Overwatch League may be seeing sponsors leaving, thanks to the recent lawsuit. We recently […]
Jason Parker | July 28, 2021
Has Blizzard pulled the upcoming Overwatch map named “Malvento” amid the recent lawsuit? It very […]
Petar Vukobrat | July 22, 2021
The Overwatch League Countdown Cup hero pools have just been announced and, needless to say, […]