2-2-2 Role Queue Comes to Overwatch Today

By Isaac Chandler

August 13, 2019


Overwatch role queue

After weeks of waiting, the day has finally arrived: the new 2-2-2 Overwatch role queue has finally come to Overwatch’s main servers!

The highly anticipated change to selecting heroes in-game has finally come after months of dominance by the support and tank focused GOATS meta, which has all but consumed the ranked and pro systems.

What is The 2-2-2 Overwatch Role Queue?

For those not in the loop, 2-2-2 is a form of hero selection for Overwatch that now limits how many of each type of character (offense, defense, support) you can have on your team.

Whereas before you could take a full team of tanks or supports, now you’re forced to choose two offense characters, two defense, and two supports.

This prevents teams from running comps like GOATS, which required three tanks and three supports to get going and became a nearly unstoppable ball for anything but another GOATS comp.

Community Reaction

Community reaction has been universally positive when it comes to the Overwatch role queue, with many players conveying their excitement at finally being able to play more offensive champions like Reaper and Doomfist, both of whom have seen little play in recent months.

The Overwatch League pros also expressed their elation at finally getting to play more than the same seven to eight heroes they’d been playing for months, with a majority of them stating the move was a long time coming to the game.

The move to 2-2-2 comes amid a decline in active players and viewers for the Overwatch League after almost a year of stale meta that was often decried for its tediousness and lack of excitement in gameplay.

The roster lock is also the second major change to Overwatch’s hero selection process after the post-launch lock of one copy of a hero per team following a similar problem with Cloud9’s double-Winston comps.

Whether the move will see a turn of fortunes for the struggling title and its esports league remains to be seen, but we have to give props to Blizzard for actively working to make the game better for everyone

If you want to give it a try yourself, hop onto Battlenet and download the latest Overwatch update to give your hand at the new hero selection, along with Overwatch’s newest hero, Sigma.

You can also find our breakdown of his abilities here.


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