Overwatch Pro Players’ Photos Are Being Used to Catfish on Dating Sites

by in Overwatch | Jan, 5th 2021

Catfishing is when someone uses a picture or video that is not them personally, to trick people. It’s pretty popular on dating sites and social media just in general. But when we started work this morning, this is not something we figured would be up for discussion. Sure enough, Gyu-min ‘SanGuiNar’ Lim, formerly of the London Spitfire found that Overwatch Pro Players photos are being used to catfish on dating apps. You read that right.

Esports Pros Are Catfishing Targets in Korea

In America, catfishing targets tend to be huge mainstream media stars. In Korea though, esports players are major mainstream media stars! This particular bit of drama came to life on January 4th, when SanGuiNar posted about it on Twitter:

But it’s far more important to be diligent in situations like this. In America, actors and cosplayers alike have all been the victim of having their faces and likenesses used. Even this writer has a friend or two that has had their identity stolen to use on Tinder.

This is just a gross thing to see. There is nothing wrong with using dating apps to find that special someone – or that special someone for right now. Hey, we don’t judge. But using someone else’s fame, success, or looks to try and make a connection is pretty much always going to backfire. Don’t do this. If you see someone suspicious, Overwatch pro players or otherwise, and suspect a catfish, report it.


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