Overwatch Mobile Leak Raises Eyebrows Across the Community

by in Overwatch | Mar, 22nd 2021

We’re still desperately waiting on Overwatch 2, but an Overwatch Mobile rumor came via leak this weekend. This rumor comes to life via Richard Lewis, though no sources have been named. Instead, we have it on “good authority” from Lewis of Dextero. Now, if this is true, it could be very interesting, especially if Overwatch 2 is nowhere near launch. An Overwatch Mobile could breathe some life into a game that many see as “dying,” thanks to a lack of new heroes and a slower return to competitive play.

What’s the News?

Allegedly, this was a potential plan pre-COVID. It all got revealed during an episode of “The Four Horsemen” podcast. Lewis was talking with MonteCristo Mykels, Duncan Shields, and Erik Lonnquist about the recent layoffs and how it could impact other titles’ development. As a part of the Overwatch Mobile leak, Richard Lewish pointed out Blizzard wanted Overwatch Mobile to launch alongside Overwatch 2, but perhaps the pandemic has changed this.

It sounds like the goal was to release one to help build the other’s launch, keeping Overwatch fans excited with plenty of content to get through. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a potential leak of Overwatch Mobile. For instance, Kaplan stated that Overwatch has lots of lore to explore in a past AMA. He was “excited about telling stories in new ways and using new mediums.” The natural thing to think is, “Oh, mobile!”

We can also look back to 2018 when Blizzard said they wanted mobile iterations of their franchises. This takes us back to the reveal and mocking of Diablo Immortal on mobile as well. However, we have to keep in mind this is all just a leak of a possible Overwatch Mobile. Would it work? We think it could; it wouldn’t be the first Hero Shooter on mobile. While we have no confirmation, it would be really interesting to see this come to light. 


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