Overwatch Leaker Says Tracer is Up Next For Smash Bros. Ultimate

by in Fighting Game News | Sep, 30th 2020

This is all conjecture, mind. We don’t know with 100% certainty who the next character is going to be, but we’ll have a good idea soon enough. But for now, a leak claims that the next character to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to be none other than Overwatch’s Tracer! This leaker, Slayersfan is pretty upfront and confident about this. Are they right though? We’ll know soon, but if true, it’s a fascinating pick. Out of the entire Overwatch cast that could join the game, Tracer would probably be one of the biggest choices. If this writer had to pick an Overwatch character though, it would either be Tracer or Genji. 

But what’s the story here? What do we know?

No Riddles, Just Answers

Slayersfan points out that they hate how other leakers claim to know something and drop vague riddles or hints. These could ultimately be right by happenstance and covers their own tails if they’re wrong or get in trouble for leaking information. 

It’s no secret that Jeff Kaplan wants in on Smash Bros, too. He spoke with IGN and said they [Smash Bros] could have any of the characters from Overwatch they wanted to be a part of the platform brawler. 

The original post for this leak has now been deleted, but a screencap has been grabbed by Dexerto:

“I personally hate when many leakers pretend they know who is coming out next, and instead of telling you guys, they just do these stupid vague hints or riddles so they can cover their butts. Not me, I’m going to spell it out for you.”

Slayersfan says that the leak indicates Tracer from Overwatch is going to be the next character to join Smash Bros. Honestly? We could definitely see this happening. The leaker also says that COVID-19 has slowed down the process on Blizzard’s end, despite the agreement being made earlier in the year. 

Accurate Leak?

How accurate is the leaker though? Slayersfan claims to have leaked a pair of Overwatch skins back in 2019, the Chinese New Year Skin, and Orisa’s Demon Skin. This person has also reportedly seen artwork in the early stages, thanks to inside sources at Blizzard. 

What can we expect if this is true? Tracer will be a fast fighter and have her entire kit from Overwatch. Blink, Recall, Pulse Pistols, and her Final Smash will be the Pulse Bomb Ultimate. That admittedly would work very nicely within Smash Bros. Having a character that could literally Blink their way back from the brink of death off of a platform would be very powerful. What about the reveal video? Slayersfan has that too:

“The reveal video shows almost the entire cast of current Overwatch playable characters, and towards the end we see Tracer receiving the Smash envelope digitally on her computer screen at the OW operations base.”

If true, this is an exciting partnership for both Smash Bros and Overwatch fans. Nintendo has been very careful to make sure that every detail for these guest/DLC characters is spot on the money. Most of them have been wildly powerful too, so we can expect that if Overwatch’s Tracer is the next Smash Bros character, she’ll be amazing.

What do you think though? Who would you pick as your top five, if you could have anyone? This writer already has his favorites in game (Ness, Warrior of Light, Terry). But if he could have anyone? 

  • Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter)
  • Sabin (Final Fantasy VI)
  • Pokey (EarthBound)
  • Dekar (Lufia 2)
  • Billy Cool (Sunset Riders)

What about you? Who would you like to see added to the Smash Bros roster?

We won’t have to wait long to see if this leak or our dream characters make it into the game or not either, as Nintendo is set to reveal the next roster member tomorrow at 7am PT.


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