Overwatch League May Melee Viewership Up 51% From Last Year

by in Overwatch | May, 13th 2021

The numbers are in: Overwatch League’s 2021 May Melee viewership has gone up by 51% from 2020. This, in short, is absolutely stellar news. First of all, there’s really no esport out there that’s as hectic, exhilarating, and downright spectacular as Overwatch.

The pace at which the best OWL teams compete and the things they are able to pull off in-game are nothing short of mind-blowing. Heck, even a clash between two bottom-tier dwellers is enough to get the blood pumping! Whether it’s a legible and coherent viewing experience is up for debate, but even when the chaos begins — and you’re not all too sure of what’s actually happening on-screen — it’s still as fun and exciting as ever.

And, fortunately, it seems that a large number of people agree on this as well. According to the latest Overwatch League report from Forbes, 2021’s May Melee had an average viewership of 95,000 people at a given minute, which is 51% up from 2020. Moreover, the Overwatch League viewership numbers saw a big increase (more than double, to be more exact) when it came to the qualifying weeks of the Western Region. Not too shabby for a game most folks thought was “dead” and no longer worth talking about! Viewership rewards (something that was sorely missing back in 2020) surely played a key role as well, and watching the action unfold in glorious, mouth-watering 4K made it all the better!

A Few Key Takeaways

So, what have we learned? First of all, competitive Overwatch is still alive and well. That’s the biggest and arguably most important takeaway. It’s no secret that the game has been struggling lately, but the fact that it’s still capable of drawing so many viewers is certainly a positive sign. Furthermore, the meta is in a fairly exciting place — there’s no “one” way of playing the game which means teams can employ the exact same team comps but execute in vastly different ways.

Blizzard has also done an incredible job with the whole viewing experience. There’s very little downtime, the games are fast-paced and exciting, and the entire on-air talent team is as entertaining and lovable as ever. There’s really nothing to complain about whatsoever which, in all fairness, is quite strange given just how topsy-turvy the Overwatch League has been over the years. It seems like things have finally fallen into place. So if you’re on the fence about competitive Overwatch, make sure to give it a chance — it’s more than worth your time and undivided attention!


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