Overwatch League Contract Forbids Players From Using Trampolines and Skiing Actions

by in Overwatch | Apr, 2nd 2021

According to former Overwatch pro, Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman, the Overwatch League contract forbids actions like trampolines and skiing. Now, in a way, we understand things like this. After all, you don’t want to break your hands mid-way through a season of competitive play. Teams have backups, but that’s a lot of money invested that goes right down the drain. Normal contracts are incredibly difficult to read, with lots of legalese jargon hidden in them. They feel more like a joke on the esports side of things and not a good one either. 

No Fun Allowed

We’ve spoken in the past with experts on contracts in esports. Players have been dropped for ridiculous reasons or locked into painful, unfair contracts. In the Overwatch League, the contract forbids quite a few fun activities like trampolines, according to Dogman, former support for Atlanta Reign. This came to light in a recent video on his personal YouTube channel.

He points out that the video is primarily satire, but he does go into detail on some ridiculous parts of the Overwatch League contract. This video was likely inspired by Leffen breaking his hand trying to catch a weight that was falling. You have to be incredibly careful in esports when your hands are your lifeline. Dogman says during the video: “There’s a clause in the OWL contract that says you can’t go skiing. I’m not even trolling.” 

Overwatch League contract bans several outdoor activities, not just trampolines. Skiing is another forbidden activity. If you’re a pro Overwatch player, you can’t snowboard or do anything that could break/injure your hand, wrist, or your arm. I wonder if that means bowling is out, too. Now, we do understand the why. After all, a player in Overwatch has to keep these things in tip-top shape. Or at least, not broken. 

We’re curious what else these contracts forbid. Dogman did joke about it, stating that you only have to play that game if you want to make it a pro gamer. It was worth a laugh, for sure, but revealing these sorts of clauses is a fascinating look into what the teams and league will do to make sure their players don’t waste the money invested in them. We want the players to be safe but also be able to have fun outside of their games. Just don’t do it in any trampoline parks, and you’ll be good, I suppose.


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