Overwatch for Nintendo Switch Officially Announced

by in Overwatch | Sep, 5th 2019

If you’re a fan of Overwatch, 2019 is a year that keeps on giving. During the latest Direct presentation held on September 4th, Nintendo officially unveiled Overwatch for Nintendo Switch. This huge news is unexpected. While we did get a few rumors over the last couple of months, the notion of playing Overwatch on a truly portable console seemed too good to be true.

And yet it happened.

The fact that it came to fruition is much more exciting (and worthy of celebration). Jeff Kaplan, the Vice President of Blizzard, always gave vague and pessimistic views on whether Overwatch would ever come to Nintendo’s main platform. We all knew it was a possibility from a technical standpoint, but whether or not Blizzard was going to invest the necessary resources was entirely up in the air.

Back in February, over 200 people got laid off. Public backlash is still going strong after their Diablo: Immortal announcement, and the company, as a whole, doesn’t seem to be doing so hot.

After Nintendo announced Witcher 3 for the Switch, we realized that the little Nvidia Tegra-powered machine could handle far more than anyone expected. But Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch was never a technical challenge but rather a logistical one.

Regardless, the cat is finally out of the bag — you’ll be able to climb the ranks and enjoy Overwatch while on the go come October 15th!

Gyro Aiming (Motion Controls)

One of the best features that are coming to Overwatch for Nintendo Switch is the addition of gyroscope aiming! This is an incredible addition and was highly praised whenever it was available for Nintendo Switch titles like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Wolfenstein, Fortnite, and so on.

It adds another layer of immersion, and is a legitimate way to aim in-game! You might not want to use it all the time, but you’ll be far more precise than you think. Blizzard’s official statement perhaps sums it best:

“[Gyro aiming] let’s players tilt their console to line up the perfect shot as McCree, pilot D.Va through the air, or quickly turn to deflect incoming projectiles as Genji.”

What’s in the Box?

Overwatch for Nintendo Switch will cost $39.99. It will come with three months of Nintendo Switch Online (a necessity if you want to play the game online) and fifteen in-game skins!

Overwatch Switch Pre-Order

You can take a look at the cosmetic goodies below. If you pre-order the game now, you’ll also unlock a bonus Noire Widowmaker skin!

Legendary Skins

Legendary Skins

Epic Skins

Epic Skins

Origin Skins

Origin Skins

Voice Chat

We still don’t know whether you’ll be able to use in-game voice chat (similar to what Epic Games did with Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch), or if you’ll have to use the proprietary Nintendo app. We certainly hope it’s the former as we all know just how integral verbal communication can be when those hectic six-on-six team fights break out.

Account Sync

Another big question that is yet to be answered is whether or not players will be able to sync their existing accounts and continue playing on the go. While there’s no official word on this just yet, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

If it’s like with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, you’ll practically have two different accounts, so you’ll be starting on level one — again.

How Does it Run?

We still don’t know at this point. There’s only a relatively short announcement video which isn’t always indicative of how well a game will run. We can assume it’ll run in 30 FPS while in portable mode (in fixed 720p or perhaps in a dynamic resolution that adjusts depending on the amount of action on-screen) and close to 1080p when docked.

The notion of it running in 60 FPS is incredibly alluring, but also somewhat hard to believe. There’s a lot of visual fidelity in the game, and with so many visual effects and explosions happening at every single moment, the Switch would face an uphill battle in an attempt to output smooth sixty frames.

Overwatch for Nintendo Switch will be available on October 15th! This is a celebration for all Nintendo Switch owners across the globe. It highlights the fact that Nintendo’s hybrid console quickly became a home to some fantastic (and highly popular) online titles — Overwatch, Paladins, Fortnite, SMITE, Arena of Valor, Warframe, Brawlhalla, etc.

If you want more information regarding Overwatch for Nintendo Switch, you can click here to go to Blizzard’s official announcement!


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