Overwatch Community Wants 2CP Mode Gone Before Overwatch 2

by in Overwatch | Mar, 24th 2021

Assault or 2CP mode in Overwatch is the worst. It’s possibly one of the most unpopular parts of Overwatch, and it’s going away in Overwatch 2, which has to be a joyous moment. That doesn’t help us now since there’s no telling when Overwatch 2 will release in the first place. During BlizzCon, Jeff Kaplan made this announcement but that isn’t good enough, or so it seems. Perhaps if we had a clear idea about the release date of Overwatch 2, we wouldn’t have this chat. Since we don’t, the community still wants to see Overwatch’s 2CP mode go – just a little earlier than planned.

Fine for Competitive Players, Not for Randoms

The actual idea behind 2CP isn’t bad. Also known as Assault, the squads take turns assaulting and defending capture points on the map. It’s held on a few maps, but two of the 2CP maps are already in Quick Play only. That would be Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony. What’s the beef with Assault? Why do we want it to go away early? According to one Redditor, this was because many people canceled out of these maps, causing problems with the matchmaker. Thus, they were removed from the map pool.

The major complaint is that it requires incredible amounts of coordination from the assaulting players, and if you’ve ever played Overwatch, you know how hard this will be to do. Many players think they can do it alone. There are the inevitable arguing and failure. In the “Competitive Overwatch” subreddit, the thread “2CP is a bad mode for Quick Play” came to life.

According to Redditor DelidreaM, the 2CP mode needs to go. “I know 2CP will be removed in Overwatch 2, but that does not really help. It just feels frustrating that a crucial change that should have been in the game years ago will still be a year or two away because devs want to insist keeping a dysfunctional mode in the game.”

2CP creates toxicity and frustration in players, especially when you spend the entire match losing. It’s wildly unpopular, but it remains something that Overwatch players have to deal with. What’s confusing to me, though, is if Kaplan and the Overwatch 2 devs felt 2CP didn’t fit/didn’t belong in Overwatch 2, why keep it in Overwatch 1? It’s not making the players happy. There’s no telling when Overwatch 2 will show up on our computers, so we’re hoping the devs listen. There’s no telling what Blizzard will do about this outcry. If they make a statement one way or another, we’ll be here to tell you all about it.


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