Overwatch Coach Cancelled for Anti-Semitic Remarks

by in Overwatch | Dec, 12th 2019

Warning: This article contains language that is highly offensive and insensitive. Reader discretion is advised.

If the Internet Age has taught us anything, it’s to never make comments anywhere online you wouldn’t want to pop up later in life. Now-former Overwatch coach Iostux is learning this lesson the hard way after being “canceled” for inappropriate and anti-Semitic comments he made years ago.

The comments came to light after screenshots from his Discord server in 2017 were leaked in which Iostux can be seen jokingly saying that, “Roadhog should use his gas for Jews instead of healing” and that he wanted to “do some Nazi roleplay with Lutional. I am Hitler. He is the Jew. I am going to ****ing castrate him.”

The highly offensive and inappropriate comments were quickly swept under the rug after a quick apology Io, though have recently come to light again after one of his team’s, Elo Hell Dante, former players Gnja came out with a Twitlonger describing his experience with the team and revealing more Discord messages in which Iostux belittles and disrespects Gnja.

It’s Not My Fault

The revealed messages quickly spread across the community this morning, leading to Iostux claiming on Twitter:

“I didn’t retire, I got canceled. A Twitlonger full of lies by someone people barely knew if at all, leading to people digging up screenshots from early 2017. No chance to defend myself, people side with whoever speaks up first.”

He then claimed everything in the Twitlonger post and other people’s stories were made up and that he wasn’t, “even close to the same person who made those racists messages anymore.”

He also claimed there are those who support him behind the scenes but won’t come out in public and say it for fear of being labeled racist supporters.

IoStux then blamed the Overwatch community for believing whatever they hear first or is the spiciest, and claimed he’d done so much for the tier-two scene before begging everyone to just let him be.

While he’s attempted to give an apology for what he said in the past, it’s likely to be the end of his career given how bad PR it would be for a team to pick up a coach accused of being a Nazi. This is just like the Marco van Basten controversy. Only time will tell if anyone is willing to give him another chance.


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