Overwatch Bans Overwatch Cheaters over ‘Pentagon’ Hack

by in Overwatch | Dec, 17th 2019

When I read “Overwatch Police Department”, I laughed for about two minutes. Then I kept reading. Apparently, it’s a real group and they are not messing around. The Overwatch P.D. is a group of anti-hackers that work alongside the Overwatch team to prevent cheating in-game. They discovered a new hack in Overwatch called, “Pentagon”, and punishment is being meted out.

The Overwatch Pentagon Hack

I understand that winning is pretty important. I’m a very competitive person, but I’ve never once thought “Gee, I can’t win through normal means. I better start cheating in these important online games”! I absolutely do not get why people do this. Whether they’re normal games, ranked, pros or casual players of a game.

If you aren’t good, practice. If you can’t get better, that’s no excuse to cheat. So what’s Pentagon? Pentagon is a new tool that lets players see through walls, aimbot, and automatically block enemy ultimates.

The Overwatch P.D. Twitter showed what the Pentagon hack did across two versions of the hack evidently. Both versions of the hack offered unparalleled cheating power, and they had per day, per week, and per month packages. I hope someone spent a years worth of money and got banned, I really do.

Since I’m a big fan of pettiness and people getting their just deserts, the Overwatch P.D.’s Twitter showed a series of screenshots from the Pentagon Discord. People saying they got banned, things of that nature. This isn’t the only cheat that’s been spotted recently.

Silent Bullets

The Overwatch Police Department found another cheat that’s being developed for Overwatch, “Silent Aim” or “Silent Bullet”, something like that. The idea behind it is that it will redirect projectiles to enemies, regardless of where the crosshair is pointed.

So players won’t even have to try. The downside to this sounds like, if players are recording/streaming matches, if they pay attention, it will be fairly easy to notice when a shot is doing something it isn’t supposed to. Overwatch P.D. point out this would probably cost 600 dollars a month, and it’s a top-of-the-line cheat.

Why? Why is this a thing someone needs? Can’t you just, you know, practice? Apparently that’s too much to ask for. This kind of work is repulsive, and I hope that everyone who spends that kind of money gets banned, and do not get a refund. But who runs the P.D.? Mohamed “Gamerdoc” Al-Sharifi runs it, alongside a crew of anti-hackers.

A recent interview was had where Mohamed pointed out that Blizzard knows about his work:

“Blizzard is aware of what I am doing and I am assuming Jeff Kaplan does too. In an email, one of my Blizzard contacts said they had a meeting with Jeff about the previous information I sent. I think they like what I am doing so long as it’s not a witch hunt.”

200 people have been banned so far thanks to the new Pentagon hack, and I’m sure more people will be following soon enough. One of the people banned pointed out they only used it in training, so there’s no reason to be banned. But there is a reason! You’re using a hack, you ninny! It’s only a matter of time before a big-time streamer “shows it off” and gets upset when they’re banned too.


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