Overwatch 2’s Bastion Potentially Gets Major Buff to Sentry Mode & More

by in Overwatch | May, 26th 2021

Overwatch 2 is getting some very controversial changes, but it’s also giving heroes major buffs, like Bastion. Sure, there are a lot of pros that are likely very angry about the 5v5 change. We don’t blame them, either. But there are some positives for fans of the game on a more casual level, like complete reworks! When Overwatch 2 hits our PCs and consoles, we can look forward to sweeping changes to characters like Bastion. This came courtesy of an AMA on Reddit by Overwatch’s Lead Hero Designer, Geoff Goodman.

Recon and Sentry Mode Changes

Bastion’s still a Robot in Disguise because he’s keeping the transforming aspect of the character. He’s going to still have Recon Mode and Sentry Mode. Recon Mode’s probably getting the most love out of the two. He’s going to reportedly be getting a new weapon for Recon Mode, and it will help him be useful. In particular, they’re making it so the Sentry Mode and Recon Mode weaponry/combat style feel different, but also rewarding.

Sentry Mode too is being looked at, so don’t worry:

As for Sentry Mode, that too is getting looked at. “For sentry form, the cost of reducing his mobility to gain huge damage is still interesting and it’s the heart of what makes him work. However, completely removing his mobility has proved to be too harsh of a penalty, and frankly it’s not realistically possible to balance him with this downside in mind. There is more to talk about with him down the road, but we’re still in the middle of reworking him so hopefully we’ll be able show him off in more detail down the road!”

He’s not the first Overwatch character to be reworked, and hopefully, Bastion isn’t the last to get a rework in Overwatch 2. It wouldn’t be fun if everyone just played the same way. Then we’d have to ask “Why even make Overwatch 2 at all?” and that’s not the question we want to have to ask.

It does sound like several of the heroes are being looked at for changes in Overwatch 2, and not just Bastion. There are quite a few potential changes coming for the sake of balance and hopefully playability. Since the game is being changed to a 5v5, many of the tanks and healers are going to probably need some adjustments so that they are worth playing, and feel better just in general. Going from two tanks on a squad to zero, DPS like Bastion is going to have to think of new strategies to survive with. We don’t have a ton of ideas what’s coming, but maybe we can get a word out of them and learn more.


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