Overwatch 2 Beta Rumors Spark Due to Battle.Net Game Files

by in Overwatch | Oct, 12th 2020

Overwatch 2 was first teased back at BlizzCon ‘19, but there hasn’t been a word since. You’d think OWL’s Grand Finals would have been a fantastic time to do some teasing, but alas. However, there’s a launcher update to the Battle.Net client that leads to beta rumors for Overwatch 2! This may be nothing, but there is some potential for a beta in the future (far-off or otherwise).

Information is Sparse

Some of this might feel like a reach, but we’re curious enough to cover it anyway. That being said, does Overwatch really need a sequel? As a competitive Hero shooter, does it truly need another iteration? It’s not dropping sequels every year like Call of Duty is, but maybe they see the appeal in that money-making method. That having been said, we haven’t seen character models, weapons, or even maps. 

Within the Battle.net files, there are some “CDN” files with a designation we haven’t seen before – “prov2”. It could be a reference to Overwatch 2, or it could be some other content drop coming to a Battle.Net game though (or simply an update for Overwatch itself). A CDN is a “Content Distribution Network”, typically used to pre-allocate game data. This leads to patches for players to download and updates. 

This has led to the Overwatch 2 Beta Rumors, that it means some kind of alpha/pre-alpha testing is going on, and a beta could be in the future. Something like this would 100% have an NDA attached, and it would be one that Blizzard takes quite seriously. If playtesting is happening, that would explain why not a peep was uttered. To be fair though, a file labeled “ov2” (shown thanks to Dexerto) could only mean so much when it pertains to Blizzard and Overwatch. It’s amazing they haven’t spoken about the game yet, but our speculation is that at Blizzcon 2020, we’ll get an announcement of a forthcoming beta.

Yeah, yeah. That’s not exactly a mind-breaking bit of speculation, but it’s likely if the Overwatch 2 beta rumor is true, from what we’ve seen here today. 


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