Outriders Nerfs Loot, Trickster, Technomancer, and More in Latest Patch

by in Outriders | Apr, 8th 2021

Outriders is out now. Players can jump into this overwhelmingly huge third-person shooter to explore the classes, world, tiers, loot, and more. With the launch now successful and mostly stabilized, it is time to look ahead at the upcoming post-launch patches and the Outriders nerfs. 

People Can Fly Have Detailed Upcoming Outriders Patches

People Can Fly announced today that there will be some new patches for Outriders soon. It starts with the first major post-launch patch that will fix many bugs and issues that players have dealt with since the game came out (or even before that with the demo). 

But the dev blog for the first patch doesn’t just go over the fixes for this upcoming update but for the future beyond that. There are notes for other issues, like the inventory wipes that have been happening, connection issues, and even some Outriders nerfs for the loot and classes. 

There is a lot that will be contained in the next couple of patches for the game that will be taking care of many different issues that have come up. As such, there is a lot to unpack in this particular development news blog since it has so much to cover about the post-launch schedule and more. 

That is where we come as we are going to break down the patch notes to know about the major content changes that are very important to the game. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about these upcoming updates, including the Outriders nerfs and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Post-Launch Patch 1

Kicking off is the first post-launch patch for Outriders. An exact release date hasn’t been announced, but it is coming sometime next week to write this. This week is to identify and fix huge issues with the game as possible in time for this update. 

No release date has been announced, though it seems that the team has one in mind because People Can Fly is hoping to release the patch a little bit earlier, if possible. The release date will be announced on social media, so keep an eye out there. 

As for what the patch will contain, there is quite a bit. For the most part, though, it focuses on stability issues and fixing various bugs that are plaguing users across the game. First off, it will fix a performance issue where the GPU isn’t fully utilized.

That particular fix should help with the stuttering and other issues that some PC players have been having. Once all platforms have been updated to the new patch version, cross-play across all platforms will be viable again, so keep that in mind if you want to play with friends. 

There are stability improvements for matchmaking and a fix for a multiplayer crash that could result in the players having their inventory wiped (more on this issue in a bit). There are many other crash fixes, like for the Bad Day side quest, No Man’s Land, launching the game, and other random ones. 

Beyond crashes, there are fixes for the HUD disappearing in certain cases and unable to respawn in multiplayer Expeditions. There are fixes for players getting stuck on various objects in the world or just falling out of the world for no reason.

The default matchmaking setting is now closed, but you can manually change it to open through the game settings. This prevents players from joining games where the host player doesn’t want to play with anyone else. This should also help the matchmaking queue times in general. Beyond that, there are some other minor fixes, but that seems to be it. 

Community Appreciation Package and Inventory Wipes

It seems that the next few sections of the dev blog are about the upcoming patch, but that isn’t exactly confirmed as the wording is a bit weird. These areas might be in the upcoming first post-launch patch, but keep in mind that this might also not be the case. 

First off, a community appreciation package is on the way for players soon. The developer wants to thank the players for understanding and be cooperative during the rough launch weekend this past weekend. To somewhat help make up for this, there is a package on the way. 

An exact release window has been announced for the package. Still, it will come with some great goodies, including a level-appropriate legendary weapon, an amount of titanium and the Frustration emote. This will be delivered based on the highest level of character you have achieved. 

It works because anyone who has had to deal with an automatic inventory wipe restoration or played the game between March 31 and April 11 will be eligible. Today is April 8, so you have a chance to start playing now if you haven’t and still be eligible for the free legendary weapon and the like. 

Speaking of inventory wipes, the bug rate for players should greatly reduce in the next upcoming patch. To help with this, there is going to be a massive one-off inventory restoration. It will take place on a specific day and only happen once. 

This will only restore the most valuable items that have been lost, like epics and legendary items. This means that players will likely not be able to have an inventory full of blue gear restored. It will be additive to your inventory, not replacing what you currently have. 

But you should keep in mind that the restored items might not have the same stats as they did before. But this won’t apply to items lost when the game was disconnected, but an autosave had yet to happen, resulting in the backend having no idea that you ever got those items. 

When it comes to Accolades that have been wiped, though, these will take some more time and will likely require the player to contact the developer directly as it is a more complicated issue. The developer will need to go over each of these issues individually to figure out a solution due to Accolades’ more complex nature than just gear. 

Outriders Nerfs for Various Classes and Loot

When it comes to the rebalancing issues that are happening soon, they will happen later today. They won’t be part of the upcoming post-launch patch as they don’t require an actual download from the player outside of the game client for it to happen. 

Something important to note about these upcoming Outriders nerfs is that a different development team at People does them Can Fly, so this doesn’t affect the progress towards downloadable patches or the ability to squash bugs in the game. 

For starters, the Outriders nerfs begin with the rewards given out for some of the quests. All Historian, bounty, and monster hunt quests will no longer grant legendary items for each subsequent completion. Players will still be rewarded but not in this way. 

This change was likely due to an exploit that some players were using to repeatedly complete these quests for legendary rewards combined with another multiplayer bug. The rewards adjustment should help to eliminate this exploit but still given something to players for completing it. 

Don’t worry if you used this exploit, as you won’t be punished for it. The loot has also been nerfed for the Tooka beast, Splittooth, Sandshifter, and Coldclaw. These beasts were too generous in the game with their rewards, despite the effort needed to defeat them. 

Two Expeditions have been adjusted, those being Chem Plant and Boom Town. For the former, the completion time needed for gold, silver, and bronze has been reduced to 650, 1150, and 1500 seconds, respectively. This is down from the previous 957, 1303, and 1650 before. 

Meanwhile, the Boom Town completion time has also been reduced to 390, 589, and 776, respectively. Before, it was 422, 607, and 792. These changes are because they were too generous with their completion times, especially compared to the other Expeditions out there. 

From here, this is where we get into the nitty-gritty of the rebalancing that is coming later today. Some of the weapons have been nerfed, as well as the classes and abilities. The critical rating damage multiplier on the tactical assault rifle has been reduced from 175% to 165%. 

Meanwhile, the marksman rifle has had its critical rating damage multiplier reduced from 300% to only 250%. This marksman rifle was a dominant force in the meta, but now it has the same multiplier as the bolt-action rifle, making it more even across the board for players. 

The Duration of the Massacre AP buff has been reduced to only three seconds, but this nerf is only temporary until a fix is issued for the stacking cap. From there, the Outriders nerfs turn to the abilities and classes that we have in the game. 

The bullet abilities, including Twisted Rounds, Blighted Rounds, and Volcanic Rounds, have been adjusted. There was a bug late in the demo phase that was fixed regarding these, but this resulted in the bullet abilities becoming vastly more powerful than the other game skills. 

As such, the Trickster and Technomancer classes will see some major changes in these bullet abilities later today. This is only the first step, though, as these changes could prove to be too much or too little, so further changes may be necessary for the future. 

Beyond just the damage changes, the Twisted Rounds skill now has an increased cooldown of 25 seconds instead of 16 as it was before. Also, for the Trickster class, the Disruptive Firepower, Scion of Power, and Outrider Executioner nodes have had their power reduced to 35%.

They were previously 50% and won’t be nearly as strong as they were before. The vulnerable status has also had its power reduced to 15% from 25% before. When it comes to the Technomancer class, the Damage Against Poison node has been reduced to only 15% from 30% before. 

And last but not least, the final rebalancing fix is for the Pyromancer class. The Trial of Ashes skill reduced to 15% extra damage from now on, compared to the 30% that it was before.

Stability and Connection

When it comes to stability and connection issues, the upcoming patches for Outriders should address some of the crashes that players are having in multiplayer. It should also improve the overall stability and speed of the multiplayer connections. 

Many complex issues come into why the servers were bogged down and troubled during the launch weekend, but we will do our best to boil it down to some main points. For one, there are a lot of services and partners involved with matchmaking. 

Matchmaking and server hosting might be done from one partner, for instance, while the actual peer-to-peer relaying might be done from another one. It has taken some time to pin down the issues for the launch weekend and come up with a fix. 

Unfortunately, the developer has only been able to expand and improve the database’s resilience for the servers to improve matters but not find a permanent fix just yet. For now, People Can Fly is waiting on a Root Cause Analysis from the multiplayer partners to figure out what went wrong. 

Until then, thankfully, the servers have recovered and can sustain a bit more in terms of concurrent users than before. This should help in the meantime while the root cause of the issue is addressed. As such, the past launch weekend’s server issues should be a thing of the past for now. 

That is the gist of the Outriders nerfs, bug fixes, and other changes coming to the game soon. But if you want more details on the upcoming patches, be sure to check out the full blog post here


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