Outriders Day 1 Patch Fixes Cutscenes, Weapon Mod, and More

by in Outriders | Mar, 25th 2021

Outriders is just on the horizon of releasing for most modern consoles and PC, and the developer People Can Fly is revealing a ton of new info regarding the release of the game. It looks like there will be some massive changes waiting for players at launch, for instance, with the Outriders Day 1 patch. 

Outriders Day 1 Patch and Launch Details Revealed

People Can Fly revealed details about the upcoming third-person shooter game on Reddit, noting a breadth of details surrounding the title’s launch and what’s beyond that. There is an entire Reddit thread that is dedicated to doing this that you can find right here. 

But it is pretty convoluted and divided up into different sections that you then have to search for in the comments for official details regarding various parts, so we have compiled it all into one nifty place here. The details that were revealed include the Outriders Day 1 patch and more. 

We also know some of the details about the launch of the upcoming game, including when it will be released, like the specific launch times and when you will download the game if you pre-ordered it. There is a lot of info shared about the upcoming release. 

If you didn’t already know, Outriders would be coming out on Thursday, April 1, which is about a week away from now. With the launch looming ever closer, let’s take a look at everything that you need to know about the Outriders Day 1 patch, how to pre-load, and much more. 

What the Outriders Day 1 Patch Will Likely Include

The Outriders Day 1 patch will likely come on the launch for the game and be the standard stuff you would expect from a massive online game like this one. Day 1 patches are fairly common and expected these days, and Outriders won’t be any different in that regard.

These patches can be annoying for players as it likely means that you will have to deal with not just one download but potentially two at the same time to enjoy the game in its fullest form. While it is annoying, there are reasons why these patches happen.

Video game development happens until the game launches and then even afterward, as the developer has to figure out ways to fix issues and add more content. So, even when a game is in its “complete” form, the developer will continue working on getting it ready for launch. 

This is to ensure that fixes and other issues are addressed until launch. The certification and other procedures for getting a game sold take quite a while to do, so that will usually happen a good while beforehand. As such, developers aren’t able to get everything in for launch that they would like to.  

This leads to the Outriders Day 1 patch, as some of the fixes that weren’t put into the main game are then released here. For the most part, the severe issues that were focused on for the patch and players will see these changes when they download it at launch. 

Many bug fixes and improvements are coming in this Outriders Day 1 patch; for starters, too many to list on Reddit as it would take its entire thread to go over. We know that the patch will cover bugs mainly in the latter portions of the game.

There will also be some performance improvements for various pacing and stuttering players were dealing with and annoyed about during the demo. Furthermore, another glaring issue in the demo was the camera and its frustrating shaking. 

That shaking should be reduced due to the camera smoothing improvements implemented in this update for the cutscenes and dialogue sections. Speaking of cutscenes, there are vast improvements for this portion coming soon. 

The PC cutscenes will have the option to let players choose from 30, 60, 90, and 120 frames per second. On the Xbox Series X, S, and PS5, though, the cutscenes will be locked to 60, which is still good. However, on PS4 and Xbox One, those cutscenes will remain locked to 30 FPS, keeping that in mind. 

Players Might Not Need an Additional Download for the Patch

That is the bulk of what we know about the Outriders Day 1 patch. It addresses many concerns that players have about the game after the demo that was released before launch. Fortunately, there is a good thing about this patch in that you might not have to download it separately. 

If everything goes as planned right now, the Day 1 patch will be integrated into everything you need for the game when you pre-load it before launch. This would mean just downloading the game and installing it, and then you will be good to go with the Outriders Day 1 patch included. 

But at the same time, there is a chance that this isn’t how the situation will go. It is still possible that you will need to download this patch on April 1 when the game goes live as a separate download. That would be annoying but typical in the industry at this time. 

Crossplay Friends List and More Are Coming After Launch

Beyond the Day 1 patch, another major update is coming later on down the road after launch. The details about it haven’t yet been fully figured out, but it will focus on non-urgent bugs and issues that weren’t addressed in the initial patch. 

Furthermore, it will work on some other areas that players have been requesting since the demo’s release. Because of this patch’s flexible nature, it is currently unknown when it will be released, but it is presumed that it will at least be a few weeks after launch. 

For now, we do know some details about what the post-launch patch will include, starting with some controller adjustments. Players will then change settings like the dead zone for the controller, adjust the acceleration, and have some legacy button layouts. 

There will, hopefully, also be some loading improvements on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Outriders don’t run the best on those older consoles, but this patch will hopefully help with the loading. There will also be performance improvements for the cooperative experiences.

There will be plenty of bug fixes as expected, like the lore collectibles bugging out for players on their second characters or more. And last but not least, there is a major new feature that will be dropping when this patch goes live, which will be great for cooperative play. 

The crossplay friends list and invite system will release across all platforms when this update comes out. It will require you to have a Square Enix account, but it is great for allowing players on PC to play with console, Xbox to play with PlayStation, and so on, removing the limitations on multiplayer. 

Launch Times and Preloading

When it comes to launching, the time and even date (for some) you can play Outriders will depend on your specific platform and region. It will follow the standard midnight release on April 1 whenever it hits midnight in your time for console players. 

For those of you in the U.S., that means that it will come out once it hits midnight ET on the east coast, and then it will be available for the whole country, so it will release on March 31 for some. This also means that some users around the world will be able to play much earlier. 

However, it is a different story when it comes to PC and Google Stadia. It will be a unified release here on those platforms since that is how the stores work there. The chosen time might be annoying for some, but it is to ensure that Square Enix can carefully support the launch on PC and Stadia.  

It will come out on both of those platforms simultaneously on April 1 at 9 a.m. PT. This will be much later in the day for other parts of the world, so it is unfortunate, but it will release on PC and Stadia after the console versions. The positive is that you will be able to pre-load at some point. 

For Xbox users, pre-downloading the whole game will occur later today, while PlayStation users will have to wait until around 48 hours before launch. Steam is undetermined, but we will find out more about how this platform works next week. 

Unfortunately, pre-loading isn’t possible for the Epic Games Store version, so keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that the Xbox version is available through Game Pass so long as you are a subscriber, so you could play it there and pre-load it for basically free (besides the monthly sub that you have to pay for Xbox Game Pass). 

Changes From Demo to Full Game

If you were one of the players who checked out the free demo for the game that includes the transfer of your saved file, you might be happy to know that there are some major changes from that version of the game to the full launch next week. 

There is a huge list of changes, but the most important ones include tons of bug fixes, like the mods on some legendary weapons not triggering properly. There will be balancing for various items, mods, enemy stats, and even loot drops. 

The crossplay functionality will no longer be in beta and be turned on by default for everyone. You can turn this off manually, but you won’t match make automatically with users on your platform who have crossplay turned on, but direct invites will still work. 

DirectX12 will now be the default on PC. There are some improvements to the general cover system in battle. There are some improvements to the general voting system for travel when in a group and new information added about mods’ cooldown mechanics.

Also, there is a new quick mark function in the inventory. This will allow you to easily mark all items in your inventory with a certain rarity at once rather than having to select them individually. Fortunately, you can still mark them one by one if you would like to. 

Finally, there is no more grinding necessary for the legendary weapons at world tier 5. In the full game, players will have access to the crafting system, character levels, all-world tiers, and more in their fullest form possible. 

It is recommended that players play through the main story first before hopping into the deeper content. Legendaries will drop naturally over time as you push your world tier level higher and higher and get deeper into the Expeditions content available in Outriders. 

If you haven’t checked out the free demo, it is still available on all platforms. You can play it right now in anticipation of the full release. The characters and save files from the demo will carry over to the main game, so you can experience the start of the story and get a feel for the different classes and abilities. 


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