OpTic Pros Claim Toronto Ultra has “Unfair” Advantage in CDL

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 16th 2021

Toronto Ultra seems to have made quick work of the CDL Stage 2 Major, but OpTic Chicago has some complaints about how it went down. Toronto Ultra being able to play from certain locales – such as another country, causing connectivity issues that dampened the play of the other teams. It’s important to note that several teams the Ultra played against in the CDL were down in Dallas, and OpTic Chicago feels this is pretty unfair. The Ultra may have won, but it’s not without controversy.

LANs Will Correct This – Eventually

The Toronto Ultra defeated OpTic 3-1, dropped a set to Atlanta FaZe 1-3, but then came back in a major way. LA Thieves, Minnesota ROKKR, Dallas Empire, and FaZe again got destroyed by the Canadian team. In a recent video, H3CZ (OpTic Chicago CEO) spoke with his players about this connectivity issue of the Toronto Ultra.

Going to LAN will fix this problem for sure. If everyone is on the same connection, there can be no sneakiness or players in other nations/parts of the country.  OpTic’s Matthew “FormaL” Piper said what everyone else was likely thinking – unless you’re an Ultra fan in the CDL, we guess:

“We shouldn’t be letting another team play us from another country. I’m being serious. They shouldn’t be allowed to compete from Toronto … I think it’s unfair.”

Players who play too far from each other present a variety of connectivity issues, whether it’s their own team, or a team playing in an entirely different country, according to Seth “Scump” Abner. This kind of inconsistency is terrible in the world of esports.

Right now, five of the CDL teams are not located in Dallas: LA Guerrillas, FaZe, Florida, the London Royal Ravens, and Toronto Ultra. The other teams have more stable connections, closer to each other.  Scump makes everyone’s feelings abundantly clear:

“You shouldn’t be allowed to be spread out. You shouldn’t be allowed to be in another country. That’s even worse than being spread out.”

Is there going to be a solution to this? Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Regardless of how OpTic feels about Ultra winning Stage 2 of the CDL, they won, and there’s no changing it. This whole situation is really unfortunate, and once LANs come back, there will be no more hiding behind poor connections or being far away. It will all come down to skill, and we can imagine OpTic, as well as any other team defeated by Toronto Ultra, will want to see some kind of redemption come.


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