OpTic H3CZ Looking to Leave NRG and Take OpTic With Him

by in Call of Duty | May, 6th 2021

Ownership of Call of Duty teams changes all the time. OpTic was bought out by NRG last year, turning the Chicago Huntsmen into OpTic Chicago. Now, NRG’s co-owner Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, is looking to remove himself from NRG and take OpTic Chicago with him.

From OpTic to NRG To OpTic Again

H3CZ joined OpTic Gaming in 2006 during the company’s start, with H3CZ being one of the key players on staff. About a year later, H3CZ became the CEO of OpTic Gaming, as the company spread with teams in Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty. OpTic was then purchased by the Immortals Gaming Club in 2019, 13 years after H3CZ joined the company. He stayed for three months before departing from OpTic.

After leaving OpTic when Immortals Gaming Club purchased it in 2019, H3CZ took up the co-CEO role at NRG Esports—creating the Chicago Huntsmen and bringing them to the Call of Duty League. Being that Chicago Huntsmen was a massive endeavor for H3CZ, he brought them into the limelight and then returned to OpTic by purchasing them in 2020. With OpTic now officially back in H3CZ hands, he’s looking to move onward with OpTic and divest himself from NRG.

While nothing is certain, word has spread that H3CZ aims to move out of NRG and focus solely on OpTic Gaming, hoping to retain full control of the brand. Most of the speculation suggesting H3CZ departure from the company stemmed when the podcast ran by H3CZ and his other co-CEO, Andy Miller, stopped uploading episodes around five months ago. Another piece of evidence linking H3CZ involvement in departing from NRG is the acquisition of OpTic, as he had been with the company for 13 years. Many assume that H3CZ’s goal was to regain control of the brand and then run its terms.

H3CZ all the more proves this continued investment into OpTic Gaming since its purchase from the Immortals Gaming Club. While possible discussions are kept in the dark, many wonder what will become of H3CZ and OpTic as the esports team is putting all hands on deck for the Call of Duty League season.


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