OpTic Releases Gears of War Team

by in General | Jul, 2nd 2019

Shocking news from Immortals-owned OpTic Gaming today, as the team announced that they’re releasing their 17-time champion Gears of War team after a request from the players to do so.

The team, considered by many to be one of the greatest in the game’s almost two-decade history, had requested the move shortly after Immortals began moving all OpTic operations and staff from their old location in Texas to Los Angeles, and come amid strong rumors that old OpTic founder Hector Rodriguez would be looking to create a new org following the buyout.

Speculation has been rampant that the players will be following Hector to this new organization along with several other traditional OpTic teams, a move seen as positive by many longtime fans of the org.

Many of them see the sale of the org to Immortals and not Hector as a terrible decision, with comments on the tweet about the team such as, “Definitely not hectors optic. Scum. They would’ve only requested that if they were given terrible deals. Already done with Immortals,” and “Nice job. [Immortals] bought OpTic and no one wants to be a part of it because of the way things are done.”

Much of the fan frustration comes from the decision by Immortals to rebrand all of OpTic’s teams to the Immortals name or close down those they don’t believe worth keeping, which the fans see as an attack on OpTic’s longtime supporters.

Following the departure, only two teams continue to carry the OpTic name: the Call of Duty and League of Legends rosters. Immortals have already announced plans to rename the League team following the end of the season in October and will be forced to rebrand the Call of Duty team ahead of their entrance into the Call of Duty World League (CWL) next year.

The org has already announced plans to stop playing under the OpTic brand following the World Championships in August.


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