OpTic Gaming LA Officially Releases Dashy, Hollow, Chino, and Goonjar

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 9th 2020

As the other teams in the Call of Duty League begin finalizing their roster changes for the upcoming 2021 season, another team has revealed what it is planning for the future. OpTic Gaming LA has announced the first round of CoD roster changes that the team is doing ahead of the next season.

OpTic Gaming LA Drops Four Players

Per usual, the Los Angeles-based team posted about these changes on their Twitter account, noting their thanks and heartfelt messages for the players that are now leaving the team. They particularly gave some noteworthy praise to one of the players who is no longer part of the team: Dashy.

But Dashy is just one of the several players who were dropped from the OpTic Gaming LA roster for the next season of the Call of Duty League. He is joined by three other players who are now going to be free agents. They will be able to join other teams in the league as starting players or subs.

The four players that were dropped simultaneously by OpTic are Dashy plus the sub players Chino and Goonjar, and finally, the starting player Hollow. Hollow is the only starting player from the end of OpTic’s 2020 season that will be leaving the team.

As far as we know, for now, the other four starting players from the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League will be sticking around for the next season. Those players are SlasheR, Kuavo, TJHaLy, and Drazah. The rest of the team, including all substitute players, are now going to be free agents.

Dashy’s Release Is Not Surprising But Unfortunate

In the announcement message of Dashy leaving the team, OpTic Gaming LA noted that it wanted to give a huge shoutout and thank you to him in particular. They noted that even though he is young in his career as a pro Call of Duty player, he has already made an “incredible impact.”

That impact will undoubtedly continue in Dashy’s career and OpTic is certain that he will “dominate” wherever he lands next. It is no surprise that Dashy was the focal point of the players leaving the team even though he was, technically, a substitute player by the end of the season.

That is because Dashy was one of the fan favorites of the OpTic Gaming LA team for the 2020 season as an initial starting player who was then moved to the bench towards the end of the season. Though he is early in his career, he has undoubtedly made a splash.

His big moment was showing up during the Black Ops 4 season last year in 2019, where he was part of the fantastic OpTic Gaming team for that season. They could get third place during the world championship and secure some cold hard cash for their efforts.

Hollow Was Able to Help OpTic Improve

Having Dashy back as part of the new OpTic Gaming LA team for the 2020 season was a welcome sight at first, but it didn’t pan out quite as well as the team’s leaders were likely hoping. The team struggled quite a bit throughout most of the season, being one of the most inconsistent teams.

They would do awesome in one moment and then be one of the worst teams in the next Home Series Weekend. There was so much back-and-forth that wasn’t even necessarily caused by the switch to an online multiplayer format like other teams, including Minnesota Rokkr.

Dashy was, unfortunately, likely part of the issue for why OpTic wasn’t doing too great as his switch to the bench in early July allowed for Drazah and Hollow to join the starting lineup. It was here that OpTic was finally able to recover from past mistakes and start doing good.

It was a little too late by that point as it did mean that the team was unable to remain in the top eight teams on the normal season’s leaderboard, so they did end up in the bottom bracket for the playoffs season. Had they not ended up there, they could have very well been one of the top four finals teams.

They were able to do exceptionally well during the postseason despite starting in the elimination bracket, as they were able to tie for fifth place and nearly make it to the final four. They were eliminated in the last round of the playoffs by Chicago Huntsmen in a very close match.

With Hollow being the only starting player to leave the team after doing well in the playoffs, this leaves only four players on the OpTic Gaming CoD roster. Hollow leaving is likely since the next season of the league will have a four on four format like past seasons, so every team has to cut one starting player.

Will OpTic Keep the Same Four-Player Starting Team?

But it is hard to say if OpTic will keep its starting roster with SlasheR, TJHaLy, Kuavo, and Drazah. These four players have the potential to be great in the next season now that they have finally figured out a groove, but at the same time, it seems odd for every other team out there to make massive changes.

Even great teams like Chicago Huntsmen, who placed third in the postseason gave up more starting players. OpTic Gaming would be one of the only league teams to keep their starting CoD roster largely the same. It is possible, though, that one of them will move to the bench, and someone new will come in to be one of the starting players.

This is likely what is going to happen with Dashy. Rumors are saying that Dashy will leave OpTic to join Chicago Huntsmen with former teammate Scump as one of the starting players there.

This will give him the chance to finally shine as a main player again in the next season and potentially have a better chance of playing with someone he is familiar with. But for now, this is still speculation as teams signing new players haven’t happened yet. Stay tuned as we do expect new player contracts to be announced very soon.


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