OpTic Gaming LA Chino Replaces JKap Ahead of Call of Duty League Florida Home Series Weekend

by in Call of Duty | May, 5th 2020

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles is one of the 12 Call of Duty League teams and it is making some major changes yet again in hopes of revitalizing the team. Ahead of the latest tournament in the first season of the league, the biggest change is that OpTic Gaming LA Chino will be replacing JKap.

Chino Replaces JKap in OpTic Gaming LA

Chino was one of the substitute members of the Los Angeles-based team, but will no longer be relegated to the bench only, at least for the upcoming Home Series Weekend. Instead, he will be part of the starting line up and compete alongside the four other starting members, according to a post on the team’s official Twitter account

OpTic Gaming LA Chino will effectively replace JKap, a former starting member of the team who has been on the roster since the start of the team earlier this season. This major change will be effective immediately and we will see Chino in action as part of the team this weekend.

This Friday marks the start of the Florida Mutineers Home Series Weekend event. It is the latest tournament to be held in the first season of the Call of Duty League and it is an exciting one as we don’t know exactly what will happen there. This change from OpTic only complicates things further.

JKap is a former two-time world champion for the Call of Duty franchise but is being replaced by OpTic Gaming LA Chino, presumably, because of his and the team’s overall performance in the recent events and throughout the entire inaugural season as a whole.

OpTic Needs This Change Badly

Currently, OpTic Gaming LA is one of the last place teams that is tied at the bottom with only 20 points. There are several teams like this at the bottom of the leaderboard, including its fellow LA team Los Angeles Guerrillas, New York Subliners, and Toronto Ultra.

Despite some impressive moves from OpTic in a couple of the tournaments like taking down its rival Los Angeles Guerrillas once before losing the second time, it has only been able to scrounge up two wins thus far. The same can be said for the other three bottom teams as well.

This is unfortunate as OpTic Gaming LA was hoped to be one of the best teams in the league, based on its star-studded roster. Members like JKap are known for their accomplishments in the past, but it has yet to translate to something tangible thus far for the team.

Hopefully, this major change to bench JKap and put Chino on the starting roster will give the team the boost it needs. As for Chino himself, he is also a pretty impressive player that could do well in the league. There is some already existing synergy between Chino and his teammates.

Chino’s History With His Teammates

Chino previously played with three of the four teammates he has on the starting line up, including SlasheR, TJHaLy, and Kenny. He played with SlasheR several years back in 2014 and TJHaLy in the following year. That said, his biggest accomplishments to date were with teammate Kenny.

They, along with the rest of Team Kaliber, were able to secure a couple of major victories at tournaments during the Call of Duty: World War 2 season several years back. Bringing Chino back with some of his former teammates is a solid move, and gives the team a fighting chance this time around.

After all, Chino could be the link that will bring the team together and synergize them; something that has been missing thus far for OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. Part of the problem that has held the team back thus far from getting further is how the team is made up of similar players.

In the current metagame for the Call of Duty League and Modern Warfare, it is mainly focused on a single assault rifle player who leads the pack while the rest are focused on mainly the SMG weapons. The problem is that several of the players, like SlasheR and Dashy, main assault rifles.

OpTic Gaming LA Could Prove Itself This Weekend

This has led to switches in the past to reverse the roles and put SlasheR as the main rifle player, which did help some but not enough. Even though Chino has also been an AR player, for the most part, there is hope that he could do great at SMGs and give the team a nice boost.

It won’t be long until we find out whether or not this move was worth the change as OpTic Gaming Los Angeles will be competing in the upcoming Florida Mutineers Home Series Weekend that kicks off this Friday, May 8. OpTic is in the lesser Group B where the only standout team is Atlanta FaZe.

London Royal Ravens and Paris Legion are both teams that are just middle of the pack, but either could show up and do well this weekend at the same time. In all honesty, this is OpTic’s best chance at making it out of the group stage and into the finals round, even if it doesn’t result in an event victory.

That would be enough to put some distance between it and the other three bottom teams in the league, and potentially give it a chance for the playoffs at the end of the season. The first match that OpTic has is against London Royal Ravens, which will immediately tell us if this switch is worth it.

London Royal Ravens is a decent team that is ranked higher than OpTic. If they can defeat them, we could see them make it to the finals round alongside Atlanta FaZe. Stay tuned for our full breakdown of the upcoming tournament and our official predictions for what will happen this weekend in the crazy event.


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