OpTic Dallas Leak Reveals Official Logo

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 26th 2021

Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago are not only two of the most popular teams in the Call of Duty League, but some of the best around. That is why the rumors of an OpTic Dallas logo and team are so exciting, as it looks like we are one step closer to this Call of Duty team being announced.

OpTic Dallas Logo Leaks

The rumor this time around is far more credible than some of the other ones regarding the OpTic Dallas team as it involves a literal patented trademark registration filed with the United States government, pointing towards the legitimacy of this happening. 

According to USPTO Report, the trademark application was filed on October 21, 2021, where the OpTic Gaming organization attempted to get a trademark for the new OpTic Dallas logo. Given that this is a real patented filing, it certainly seems like this is a legit logo. 

The OpTic Dallas logo trademark filing is accompanied by a trademark of the team’s actual name. It seems that OpTic is covering its bases to ensure that the OpTic Dallas name and logo are secure and owned by the organization ahead of an official announcement. 

These leaks via the trademark filings point to an upcoming official announcement of the OpTic Dallas logo and team. At this time, the team is nothing but likely true rumors spread throughout the Call of Duty League, so it will be nice to have some confirmation soon. 

The Logo Blends OpTic and Empire Together

As for what the OpTic Dallas logo looks like, this is quite interesting as it is a blend of the OpTic Gaming brand and the Dallas Empire logo that we had previously. This was something community members wondered if OpTic would opt for a merging logo or take over the Dallas team’s logo. 

Fortunately, the former is true as it looks like the OpTic Dallas logo will blend the classic OpTic’s O and the star from the Dallas Empire. On the left side of the O in the OpTic Dallas logo, a star appears and is partially obscured in its corner by the rest of the OpTic letter. 

Interestingly, the star is that, rather than sporting the gold, black, and white color scheme of the Dallas Empire team, it features a green star with black borders around it that match the O letter. Underneath the new symbol for the team are the words “OpTic Dallas,” with OpTic in black and Dallas in green. 

The star is intriguing for the new OpTic Dallas logo merger since the original Dallas Empire logo had more of a crown feature that had some star aspects embedded in it. Regardless, it is nice to see that, while OpTic is taking over the branding of the Dallas team, it does not completely forget its origins as Dallas Empire. 

This Merger Announcement Could Be Coming Soon

With the OpTic Dallas logo now out in the open as a trademark application, it is likely only a matter of time until the formal announcement is made. There is a high chance that OpTic and Dallas have refrained from announcing this new Call of Duty League team due to the legal matters surrounding it. 

It is not the standard situation of announcing some roster changes since we are dealing with two different organizations, OpTic Gaming and Team Envy, now working together to create a Call of Duty League team. This merger is unique for the league and, therefore, likely has some complications surrounding it. 

But with the fact that the trademark for the OpTic Dallas logo and name was filed a few days ago, it seems that we are nearing the formal announcement of this new Dallas team. In fact, with Call of Duty Vanguard right around the corner, this would be the perfect time to reveal the Vanguard roster. 

In the end, most, if not all, of the fans of both OpTic Chicago and Dallas Empire likely already know about the new roster anyway, so it is best to rip the bandaid off. It has been rumored for months, pretty much since the end of the 2021 season, that this merger would happen. 

Rumors State That It Would Be a Killer Roster

Soon after the end of the season, it was revealed that Crimsix and Vivid had been dropped from the Dallas Empire, with the former going to the New York Subliners 2022 roster. On the OpTic side, Formal announced he was retiring while Envoy revealed that he was headed to the LA Thieves roster

This has left only iLLeY and Shotzzy on the Dallas side as the remaining players and Scump and Dashy on the OpTic side. The proposed plan was to bring the four players together to form the new OpTic Dallas team, with these four stars now working together to claim a championship ring. 

It is a shocking but brilliant move overall and one that could work out quite well for both sides in the end. Scump is one of the most prolific and best players in Call of Duty history, while Dashy is an unmatched flex player, and iLLeY and Shotzzy are younger champs with an unbelievable amount of talent. 

If the four can work together well as a team, they could be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming 2022 Vanguard season. Given that Dallas and Chicago were two of the star power teams in the league, this will bring in the crowds, too, with the merging of these communities. With Vanguard right around the corner, hopefully, the official OpTic Dallas announcement is, too. 


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