OpTic’s Roster Disbandment, Swole Patrol Changes, More – CSGO Recap 10/14/19

by in CS:GO | Oct, 14th 2019

Welcome back everyone to our daily recap of CSGO news. Today we’ve got a look at the dissolution of OpTic’s roster, changes over at Swole Patrol, Cajunb to North, and slew of other roster moves.

As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s dive on in.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the OpTic We Love

Last week we discussed Immortal letting go of the OpTic CSGO roster as players began benching themselves left and right.

With three players self-benching themselves in protest over the inability of the squad to make changes while still being a part of Immortals, and the coach leaving the team, the roster has all but officially disbanded, leaving just a shell without an ECS spot and anything worth purchasing the team for.

While Immortals has yet to make an official announcement about the future of the OpTic CSGO roster, it’s only a matter of time at this rate until the team is officially let go.

Swole Patrol Skipping Full Roster Day

Speaking of player’s benching themselves, we got word this weekend that Zellsis and Subroza of Swole Patrol have decided to step down from the roster.

No official reason for their departure was given. Though the move is somewhat surprising despite several players joking that Zellsis would not continue with the squad if they found a new sponsor.

With the rest of the squad staying together and no replacements announced as of yet, we’ll be keeping an eye out to see who the squad picks up to fill-out the line-up.

Cajunb to North and Other Roster Moves

Meanwhile, over in Europe, North made a big signing this morning as Cajunb has been revealed to be joining the line-up.

Announced on his official Twitter page, Cajunb thanked his teammates for his time on OpTic and wished them the best in their future careers in the scene.

His addition to the roster wasn’t the only change North made, though, as Gade has taken over the IGL role for the team.

Given how a switch in IGL has made fellow org Heroic into a monster, North may be hoping to repeat that success with the roster change and shot-calling switch.

Elsewhere in the scene, we got rumors last week that Virtus.Pro tried to buy out the DreamEaters CIS line-up after failing to rise to the top of the Polish scene. Today, we got another from Overdrive stating Winstrike tried to pick up the Forze roster after their good showing at the Berlin Major, before settling on their current squad.

While Winstrike has been looking good with their new line-up so far, Virtus.Pro has struggled and lost to smaller teams such as Luminar and SMASH this past weekend. It may be a while before we see the polar bear boys return to the world stage.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading. We’ll be back tomorrow with more CSGO news, so stay tuned!


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