OpTic CDL Tier List Reactions Point to Potential Drama

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 15th 2021

If you’re a personality in the competitive esports scene, people are going to judge you. That’s just how things work. I’ve seen enough tier-list videos and articles for fighting game players, fps players, teams, and even builds. It’s not an unreasonable thing to see. However, OpTic’s CDL tier list had some pretty heated reactions. We spoke the other day about how Clayster and Dashy got into it over Twitter, for example. OpTic’s own Scump and H3cz, two of the biggest names in Call of Duty spoke about the tier list in a recent video. Their response? They called some of the CDL pros “soft”.

The best revenge, instead of an angry tweet, is to get ‘em back in-game though.

Disrespectful? We Don’t Think So

Videos like this are in no way new. So when some of the players saw what OpTic’s players thought of their skill, there were quite a few reactions. For example, Rambo (Raymond Lussier, Dallas Empire coach) had this to say:

“Yikes. I know it’s content and stuff but this is pretty disrespectful. Especially considering 2 guys laughing about that s***t got sent to the curb by my squad in my last event”

Yes, it’s absolutely just content, Rambo’s right about that. Not everyone was upset about OpTic’s CDL tier list, such as H3cz and Scumps’ reactions to the video. During the OpTic podcast, the boys talked about this particular video. While Scump said these kinds of reactions are going to happen, H3CZ was a bit blunter. He said that if people were offended, they’re “f**king soft.”

If nothing else, this has been a pretty interesting discourse. Personally, I don’t see why teams or players are upset. Would you be shocked that a skilled team thinks they’re better than others, or they think some players are beneath them? Some of it could be an exaggeration, and some of it could be genuine feelings. It doesn’t lower someone’s skill level or give them losses to be insulted in a Youtube video.

The OpTic team clearly feel they’re in the right here, and we don’t particularly disagree. After all, it’s just good fun. They weren’t called anything insulting, just got graded based on supposed skill. If anyone’s actually upset about it, the response should be clear: Body OpTic in the CDL instead of posting angry reactions about a tier list video.

Discussing player skill is much more entertaining than complaints about bugs, glitches, or a lack of anti-cheat, and that’s all we’ve been seeing about Call of Duty lately. This is, if nothing else, a nice change of pace. There’s always a chance this could be a work, cooked up by the teams to get people hyped ahead of the CDL. That wouldn’t be a surprise, and it would be fun. It’s way more interesting to pick a side, jeer the other players, and support your squad instead of thinking about the negatives. At the end of the day, this video didn’t hurt anyone. It sounds like some of the players were good sports about it, while others, in the words of the OpTic boys, “got tight” about it.

This could create some really fun feuds for the upcoming CDL season though. Is the OpTic team coming in as a group of heels, naysaying their opponents before the season, or is this all just in good fun? I’m a sucker for a good storyline, so if this creates fun feuds in Call of Duty, I’m all for it.


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