Opinion: Monstercat and Twitch’s Affiliate Partnership Devalues The Whole Platform

by in Entertainment | Nov, 17th 2020

Earlier, we penned a piece on the Monstercat x Twitch Affiliate partnership, and at face value, it sounded pretty neat. The idea that streamers could purchase what is in essence, a license to stream tons of music? That’s fantastic. However, this writer was under the impression that Monstercat Gold was a new feature, as someone who was not initially familiar with the service. However, this comes with a really serious potential issue: devaluing of the streamer.

Who Cares About Affiliates?

At face value again, this seemed like a pretty great deal. Even to a new streamer, it could feel like a solid plan: You don’t have to grind for Affiliate anymore! Depending on how many friends you have/how solid you are at spreading the word online. It is either incredibly easy or incredibly frustrating to hit Affiliate, there are no two ways about it.

Twitch Affiliate has felt like it has lost value over the years anyway. Maybe this is Twitch’s way of leaning into that but I have to say, that’s not the play to make. It already feels stressful and frustrating to climb the Affiliate hurdle, but this Monstercat and Twitch partnership just feels hollow. If Twitch would have simply advertised Monstercat as a solution to get around DMCA, without selling Affiliate, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.


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