Operation Void Edge Details Unveiled at Rainbow Six Siege Invitational

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Feb, 17th 2020

The biggest tournament in Rainbow Six Siege reached its climax this weekend as the Siege Invitational arrived at the Grand Final between NA’s Space Station Gaming and Brazil’s Ninjas in Pajamas, concluding the game’s fourth year of competitive play. While the esports side of the game was celebrating another successful year of growth, the in-game side also got in on the action as Ubisoft unveiled its newest operation for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Void Edge.

The new expansion, set to launch sometime in March, will see a slew of new content added to the game, including two new operators, Oryx and Iana, a new arcade mode featuring the developers take on the famous Golden Gun game mode, a rework of the barricade debris system, and a rework of the Oregon map.

New Operators | Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge

The two new operators, Iana for Attack and Oryx for Defense, bring two unique abilities/gadgets with them as they enter team Rainbow.

Iana is a Dutch two-speed, two-armor operator who utilizes an ARX200 and a G36C as her primary weapons. Her gadget allows her to make an exact replica hologram of herself, much like Alibi’s Prismas. Unlike the Prismas, however, Iana’s hologram, known as the Gemini Replicator, will also copy her skins and can be controlled by Iana, allowing her to move around like she normally would, though with the caveat that she can’t shoot, rappel, or climb ladders.

The gadget is useful for teams looking to get a bit of reconnaissance or bait enemies into giving away their positions, allowing Attackers to foil carefully laid traps the Defenders are trying to spring. The gadget can only take one shot before it’s destroyed, however, and it can’t ping enemies or other gadgets, though it does have unlimited charges to itself (the recharge rate is longer if the hologram is destroyed). It also can’t see Vigil when his suit is active and it will get disabled by Mute jammers.

On the Defenders side, Oryx joins team Rainbow from Jordan, coming in as a two-speed, two-armor operator who utilizes a SPAS-12 and MP5 as his primary weapons. He’s probably the most interesting of the two new operators as he technically doesn’t have a gadget to utilize. Instead, Oryx has an ability that allows him to dramatically increase his movement speed for a short time, allowing him to ram into enemies and knock them over. Even crazier, though, is his ability to utilize all of his charges to smash through soft walls, allowing him to get the jump on enemies who think they’re safe for the time being.

This charge isn’t without drawbacks, though, and Oryx will take ten damage from charging through walls and can knock himself down if he gets too low, while also having a brief delay before he pulls his gun back out. Still, he has unlimited charges that rebuild over time, so feel free to dash around the map looking for fast flanks to take out opponents. Oryx also becomes the first operator who can hop, allowing him to climb into non-roof hatches from below or hang on them and scout, giving him new angles to come at enemies from.

Oregon Rework | Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge

The next biggest piece of the update features a rework of one of Siege’s most iconic maps, Oregon. The map has long been one of the most played in the competitive landscape, so much so that the map had been figured out to the point of the same comps and set-ups being run every time it was played.

Ubisoft decided the map needs a bit refresher and has made the following changes to the map: Big Tower now has a new path on the lowest level linking directly to Kitchen, and the basement has a new feature called Freezer connected to the basement stairs on the first floor. Tower bombsite has also been replaced by a new one in Meeting Hall and Kitchen, and Attic now has an opening into Dorm Main Hall.

Ubi has said several other changes are included in the rework, and we’ll have to wait until later today when the patch hits the test server to really get to dig into all the details.

Other Changes | Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge

Beyond the new ops and reworked Oregon, Void Edge includes several other large changes to Rainbow Six Siege, including a major rework to the barricade system to remove player-side debris, changes to Lesion’s Gu mines and Twitch’s drones, Attacker drones now spawning on same side of the building you choose to spawn on, a change to the game’s player hub, and more minor balance changes and purchasable content, including the Year 5 Season Pass. It’s a massive patch to start the year out, for sure, and we can’t wait to see all the changes when they hit the test servers later today.

We’ll be back later this week with our own review of all the new content, so be on the lookout for that.


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