Online Forum ResetEra Sold to MOBAFire Owners

by | Oct, 16th 2021

After the spawn of social media, online forums felt like they were going to the wayside. Fast forward to the full integration of Web 2.0 in the daily lives of internet users, and online forums have become a kind of a cultural artifact, especially in gaming. Outside of the GameFAQs forums, it seems as though online forums don’t have the same sway as they used to as resources like guides can be found on content aggregate sites (note: we are aware of the implication, don’t worry). Community discussion has transferred to platforms like Discord. Because of the largely irrelevant status online forums have nowadays, the acquisition of ResetEra by MOBAFire owners MOBA Network raises eyebrows.

What Is ResetEra and Why Is It Important?

To better understand why MOBA Network and MOBAFire would buy out ResetEra, it’s important to look at how the forum has influenced the greater gaming industry. The forum is a rebrand of NeoGAF, a forum that has seen use by several prominent members of the gaming industry in the United States, such as Jeff Bell, Microsoft’s former vice president of global marketing. 

Colloquially, ResetEra has become known to be the antithesis of popular taste in video games. Many of the commentators and personalities on ResetEra will typically express opinions that brush up against the more conservative members of the gaming community, who typically characterize ResetEra as “neo-puritan, ‘social justice’ bullies, who were formerly part of NeoGAF… before they made their safe-space on the internet.”

Despite these characterizations of the ResetEra forums, the site has remained a valuable resource for those interested in discussing gaming news. Gaming journalist and Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has been known to browse and post on the forum, showing that industry members indeed populate the forums.

MOBA Network’s Acquisition of ResetEra and the MOBAFire Question

In a press release, MOBAFire owners MOBA Network announced they had sold ResetEra for $4.55 million. MOBA Network is well known for game resource sites like MOBAFire,, MTG Salvation, and According to the press release, MOBA Network believes that ResetEra can “increase advertising revenue through a higher share of direct sales, implementation of new ad formats, and a long-term product development strategy.” Based on the success of websites such as MOBAFire and MTG Salvation, it’s quite possible that MOBA Network’s model for success could easily be adapted to ResetEra’s community and digital ecosystem.

An announcement post on ResetEra would inform users that ResetEra would join MOBAFire and other MOBA Network sites in MOBA Network’s offering of services. Overall, it seems as though the ResetEra community’s attitude to it being sold is mostly positive. 

As multiplayer games continue to grow in popularity and players seek resources to improve or learn more about the development and changes happening to their favorite games and franchises, MOBA Network likely sees ResetEra as a useful community resource for discussing video games and tracking trends. MOBA Network has committed to not altering the daily operations or mission of ResetEra, which means that they’re only responsible for the business side of things, allowing the community to develop and moderate itself independently.

With online forums quickly disappearing, it’s nice to see that ResetEra will be able to avoid the same fate as other forums in the past decade. 


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