ONE Esports Launches Mobile Legends Invitational

by in General | Apr, 24th 2020

Mobile Legends is quickly becoming one of the most popular MOBAs in the mobile space, and ONE Championship is looking to capitalize on that with a major invitational. Today, ONE Esports revealed a Mobile Legends Invitational, which will begin in May 2020. The best part is the $150,000 prize pool! So if you’re one of the best in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, this is for you!

Mobile Legends = Big Bucks

From May 2-July 5, this Mobile Legends invitational will take place courtesy of ONE Esports. The invitational will bring together the top Mobile Legends players and is also promoted by Moonton (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s developer). This tournament seems to be aimed at Southeast Asia, with a schedule traveling across the region. Early May will hold a series of online qualifiers and will be broadcast in those countries.

  • May 2-3: Singapore and Indonesia
  • May 9-10: Malaysia and the Philippines
  • May 16-17: Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand
  • July 1-5: ONE Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Invitational

The actual Mobile Legends ONE Esports Invitational will take place across July 1-5 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and there’s some serious cash to win for a mobile MOBA. We also have the prize pool broken down for you:

  • 1st Place: 50,000
  • 2nd Place: 25,000
  • 3rd Place: 20,000
  • 4th Place: 15,000
  • 5th – 6th Place: 8,000 each
  • 7th – 8th: 6,000 each
  • 9th – 10th: 4,000 each
  • 11th – 12th: 2,000 each

There will also be consolation prizes for the teams who join, so at least there’s that too. This tournament is a part of Mobile Legends’ annual 515 celebrations, but that will not be held in public this year. The COVID-19 pandemic strikes again, so the celebration will be held online. Beginning on May 16, a series of online events will be held instead, like an e-party, art contests, and a photo challenge.

There will be massive discounts on exclusive character skins throughout the event, which can be bought in the Mobile Legends app. You want to be good, don’t you? Make sure to snatch up those skins while they’re on sale!

ONE Championship is possibly the best sports media in Asia, so this is huge news for them. So, the ONE Esports Mobile Legends tournament is put on just as big a platform. But we do wonder if it’s going to be held with the players showing up in person since they are still advertising it to be in Jakarta. We hope not, because there’s no way the world will be back to normal by July, that we can be sure of. Ideally, this will still be held online, with casters calling/streaming the action from Jakarta, Indonesia. That’s the smart way to do it, anyway.

We know Mobile Legends is a big deal in Southeast Asia after all, since it was recognized as a medal-worthy game for the 2019 Southeast Asian games, and is played in 139 countries, as well as localized in over 20 languages. Over 500 million people play this mobile MOBA, so this is a great time to check it out for yourself if you aren’t already, and see what other people are getting into.

If you’re in the regions participating and want to register, you can do so via this link! At this point, we can only hope there will be English casting, so we can peek in for ourselves, and see what the best of the best in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have to offer. Personally, this writer hasn’t played a lot of mobile MOBAs, but maybe it’s time we do just that.

The most interesting thing is that everything we’ve read states they are trying to bring the world’s best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players together, but there are country online qualifiers for specific Southeast Asian countries. Can anyone enter?

According to the rules, no! Teams have to have three members of a team be citizens of the country in question, but the other two can be non-citizens but living in that country at that time. That just means they should be a bit clearer. This is bringing together the greatest players in Southeast Asia, which is still fine!

Even with that, we’re still very excited about the tournament! MOBAs are exciting to watch at a high level of skill. It makes you think that almost anything is possible in-game and that anyone can practice, get better, and take their game to the top of the ladder. Plus, it’s a great way for a new player to see what the game looks and plays like. That’s how this particular writer got into League of Legends after all, by watching Worlds one year and decided “Wow, that looks like fun!”

Hopefully, new and old fans alike go watch the Mobile Legends Invitational in July!


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