Olofmeister Leaves FaZe Clan, Is Retirement Coming?

by in CS:GO | Feb, 15th 2021

We’re sad to report this, but as Olofmeister leaves FaZe Clan, Karrigan returns. The team will be in good hands, but we can’t help but wonder if this is the end of the legendary player. FaZe Clan’s goal was to build an unstoppable team for CSGO that could easily claim titles the world over. Sadly, it didn’t quite go as planned, but it’s a team that nonetheless created memories for fans everywhere. Though some players shifted around through the years, Olofmeister stuck around. That is, until May of 2020. There were rumors floating around that Karrigan would replace Olofmeister, and it sounds like it’s true.

We hope this isn’t the end for the Danish player. There is still a lot he could do for the game, so we’ll just have to stay tuned.

What’s Next for Olofmeister?

Unfortunately, Olofmeister won’t be riding out this 2021 season with FaZe Clan. He’s returning home and has confirmed that he’s done with the team. He made a statement after FaZe Clan qualified during the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. The squad did well, but it was the end for one of the team members:

It’s nice to see a wholesome thread for something like this. There was plenty of banter and well wishes between the former teammates as Olofmeister leaves FaZe and looks to horizons new. Could this really be his retirement? We don’t think so, but that’s speculation. There is, as we said, a lot still he can give. Perhaps he’ll be an out-of-game coach or leader for a team that’s in need of some wisdom.

Boy does he ever have it! While that was Olofmeister’s last tournament for FaZe, there’s no telling where he’ll turn up. He’s got a load of knowledge and skill. Perhaps this is it though. We’ll keep our eyes glued to rumors and things that come up. We’d hate to see this be the end. But if it is, what a legend he leaves behind!


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