Olofmeister Could Boost Fnatic’s Valorant Roster Following Departures of Tsack and Moe40

by in Valorant | Apr, 6th 2021

According to reports by eweszlo.pl, a Polish esports site, Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson is the likeliest candidate to boost the current three-man Fnatic Valorant roster. He’s being considered for one of two vacant spots following the departures of Muhammad “Moe40” Hariff and Kostas “tsack” Theodoropoulos.

Fnatic’s Struggles

As most of you know, Fnatic acquired SUMN FC in early February, following their amazing First Strike campaign. However, their form dropped; they kept underperforming, losing critical rounds, and throwing matches… something had to be done.

Just before Easter, Fnatic benched tsack and Moe40. They’re now looking for options ahead of the Challenger 2 open qualifiers starting next weekend. The Swedish CSGO veteran is the likeliest option from the looks of things, though they’ve contacted a few Polish free agents.

We still don’t know if Fnatic will renew their relationship with Olofmeister, this time in a different FPS. If they do, the Olofmeister Valorant trials will bring a whole lot of dueling ability and experience!

One of the Greatest CSGO Players Ever

Let’s face it, Olofmeister is one of the best CSGO players ever, period. He was the key player in Fnatic’s golden generation that many still label as the greatest team of all time. Proudly carrying the MVP award of 2015, Olofmeister’s golden touch quickly became a household name in the esports community. The Swede is known across the esports world, a true cross-genre legend that’ll forever be etched in CSGO’s history.

At the moment, the 29-year-old Swede is an inactive member of Faze Clan. He’s been with them since August 2017 but has gone through a series of roster changes, benches, and inactive periods. Perhaps it’s time for him to mix things up and refresh his talent with a brand-new game! 

Fnatic roster changes in Valorant will continue to be among the most interesting esports topics this week. We’re eager to see how Olofmeister Valorant trials pan out. He still possesses that spark of aiming brilliance. It’s just a matter of how well he’s able to adapt to a new game following more than a decade-long tenure in CS waters. 


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