Okami Is Making Its Way Into Monster Hunter Rise With a Collab

by in General | Jul, 28th 2021

Gaming crossovers are always fun to see. It’s like coming across a tv show that’s crossing over with another one, seeing how the two worlds will collide and what the characters are going to get up to is something that has endeared fans of gaming and television alike for ages. However, Capcom is home to a lot of franchises, and their newest version of Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Rise, is getting a crossover of its own, in the form of an Okami collab.

The Sun Goddess Comes to Monster Hunter

For those who are unfamiliar with the Okami series, it’s a platformer that has the player taking control of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu from Japanese folklore, completing challenges and puzzles that will let players use the elements to their advantage. The game was released on PS2, and saw success as a cult favorite title, being remastered a few years ago for modern consoles, but hasn’t seen much love as a franchise since. Now things are changing, though, as Okami is coming back in the form of a quest reward in Monster Hunter Rise. The announcement was posted on Twitter by the official Monster Hunter account.

Players will also be able to unlock some content from the game with the collab, including the paintbrush Ammy uses in Okami, as well as other cool gear from the series for their Monster Hunter Rise character. The armor for the Palamute is also layered, meaning that it’s purely cosmetic and can cover up whatever armor the player decides to put on their beloved pet, so the Palamute can be super strong in stats and look just like Amaterasu. On top of that, the skin for the Palamute is super well made, with all the intricacies of the Sun Goddess perfectly captured in the game.

The DLC is going to be free and will come out on July 30th. Players who sign in are going to have to complete an event quest to unlock the skin. This isn’t the first time that Capcom has collaborated their IPs before, as the previous collab was one with the RPG Monster Hunter Stories 2, which let players get a free layered armor set for their character if they owned a save on the same console.

New Okami, More Collabs on the Way

This is a lucky day for fans of Okami, as the series has been dormant since its sequel on the Nintendo DS, only coming out with a remaster of the first game on PS4 and Xbox One. However, in 2019 it was revealed through Ikumi Nakamura and Hideki Kamiya that Okami was going to be back, as Nakamura has stated that she planned on pitching the game to Capcom in 2020, with the only stipulation that Kamiya was put in the leading role when it came to development.

As of now, Monster Hunt Rise is only available on Switch, but it’s aiming to come to PC in 2022, and during that time there’s going to be three more Capcom collabs beyond Okami, bringing the total to five for the game.

Whether or not the game is going to include some nods to other franchises like Phoenix Wright or Resident Evil is up for debate. Monster Hunter Rise isn’t an M Rated game, so there’s a chance that a game like Resident Evil might have to sit on the sidelines for the collaboration, although, some perfume based on the characters isn’t out of the question. Regardless, Monster Hunter Rise is making itself out to be a fantastic entry in the series, aside from being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but within the next year, that title is going to drop from its name when it comes out for other platforms.  


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