OG Ceb Returns to Active Roster, Will Compete at TI10

by in Dota 2 | Oct, 4th 2021

Earlier last week, OG announced that their star offlaner Sébastien ‘Ceb’ Debs would have to miss TI10 due to an eye injury that required immediate surgery. Thankfully, it seems as though Ceb will partake in TI10 alongside his OG teammates on the active Dota 2 roster.

OG Ceb’s Return Announced in New Video Package

On the official OG esports Twitter page, a new post went out announcing Ceb’s return to OG’s active roster, along with a new video in a series of videos about OG leading up to TI10. The video provides a glimpse into Ceb’s personality outside of the game, allowing viewers to better understand his relationship to his family and how commitment to one’s passion helps define Ceb and his sister. The video showcases Ceb’s sister Manon as a contrast to Ceb’s success as she pursues her own passion. Ceb relates his sister’s journey to his own as he reflects on his past as a competitor and his recent successes with winning back-to-back TIs and gaining the opportunity to compete again, despite his injury.

Ceb is back. | OG
Ceb returns to OG’s starting line-up just in time for TI 10 (credit OG)

Indeed, OG Ceb’s past as a competitor shows many obstacles and challenges as he went from failing to qualify for TI3 in the wild-card match against RattleSnake to struggling to find a team where he could make an impact until he was invited to OG. Ceb’s career in Dota 2 has been informed by his persistence to continue his path in his own way, even to the annoyance and frustrations of other players in the scene and fans of Dota 2.

With TI10 only a few days away, it’ll be crucial to make sure that Ceb will be able to play comfortably and not strain his eyesight too much. OG’s reputation at The International has always been as a team that can easily ebb and flow from complete relaxation to steadfast determination, so chances are that OG will be playing with a flexible mindset that will take OG Ceb’s condition into consideration. Best of luck to OG at TI10!


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