OfflineTV drops Fedmyster Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

by in Entertainment | Jun, 29th 2020

The names being dropped never seem to end. Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan has officially been dropped by OfflineTV as an org. The reason? Several allegations of sexual misconduct has led to Fed being dropped by OfflineTV.  Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng recently shared her story, and it’s a horrible account.

But we have to keep having these talks. Women and men are coming forward and being brave. This is not the look, friends. It’s quite one thing to try and flirt with someone, but another to assault them, send them unwanted photos, or threaten them. These are people that work together (or worked), making it far more repulsive.

Yvonnie’s Not the Only Victim

Yvonnie’s story is one that isn’t unfamiliar, but I wish it were. This is not something that should be so commonplace. Hundreds, thousands of people shouldn’t have to come forward. That’s because people shouldn’t be so wretched in the first place.

What led to Fed being dropped from OfflineTV does seem to be these allegations. According to Yvonnie, he made a host of inappropriate advances, but they hung out together because her room in the OfflineTV stream house had a TV. But Fed apparently came back “drunk” one night and crawled into Yvonnie’s bed. He tried to make further advances, and slide his hands under her shirt.

According to Fed, he didn’t remember these incidents the next day but went right back to being a creep a few weeks later. She’s not the only one, either. Lily “LilyPichu” Ki is a member of OfflineTV as well, but she deleted the tweet she made regarding this story.

LilyPichu said Fed came into her room at OfflineTV and asked if she wanted a massage. He was allegedly drunk this time as well. She agreed to this, but he wandered up her thighs, making her uncomfortable. His declaration of feelings for her in this moment could not have helped either.

Yvonnie’s Twitlonger also stated other members felt this way, such as Pokimane. He has apparently overstepped good taste and good manners far too often. He claims he didn’t intend to be such a predator, yet, he did not stop until now.

OfflineTV has since removed Fed from their organization, and he will no longer live at their house. They want to make sure everyone knows they stand for a safe, comfortable environment for everyone in their org. But speaking of Pokimane, her story was pretty harrowing.

Pokimane Speaks Out

OfflineTV’s Pokimane recently went on the air to share something between herself and Fed. Fed had a discussion with Pokimane that almost led to Yvonnie being fired while he was still a part of the org. Here’s what Pokimane said:

“The Yvonne incident happened and Fed would start talking to me, he would talk to me about how Yvonne was lazy and not working enough, and playing league all the time,” Pokimane said. “And this discussion got to the point of us almost letting Yvonne go from the company because we thought she wasn’t interested enough in working with us, when in reality her behavior was entirely because of the incident that happened between the two.”

So Fed made her life miserable and harassed Yvonnie, then, to cover his tracks, he tried to get her fired. It almost happened, too, according to Pokimane. They had no idea it sounds like, that Fed was pulling this kind of thing. Which is weird, because there are several accusations of him overstepping his boundaries.

That having been said, we cannot, and will not overlook how he treated several women who did not deserve it. Scarra also spoke about him in a recent Twitch clip, about how he often would manipulate the truth to make himself look better.

That is what predators do, despite him claiming not to be one. That is predatory behavior, and he needs to seek help for it. They had a three-hour intervention with him, and six girls came forward with accusations against him. After this, he continued to try and manipulate the situation so that it benefitted him/made him look better.

Sexual misconduct is rampant in the gaming industry/streaming industry, and it has to stop. More and more stories are coming out of people in positions of power abusing others, or simply friends doing dreadful things to several people. Fed has been dropped from OfflineTV, and deservedly so.

Please, do better. Be better. Listen to the people in your life, and grow. These behaviors won’t go away on their own.


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