Official 2020 World Championship Changes Announced

by in General | Apr, 24th 2020

With the Mid-Season Invitational officially canceled, Riot had to adapt and salvage the remainder of the season to the best of their ability. Enter a couple of key 2020 World Championship changes.

Historically speaking, the Mid-Season Invitational always had implications on Worlds seeding, depending on how well a regional champion performed. With MSI not happening, things have to change. To balance things out a bit (as further elaborated in an official announcement), Riot has decided to adjust regional seed distribution.

New Rules to Play By

  • The LPL (China) and LEC (Europe) will have four representatives each.
  • The LCK (Korea) and LCS (North America) will remain at three teams per region.
  • The PCS (Southeast Asia) and VCS (Vietnam) will have two representatives instead of just one.
  • All other regions (CBLOL, TCL, LJL, LLA, OPL, LCL) will still only have a single representative.

These are, on paper, very simple changes and yet they’re monumental and will seriously affect everything (and everyone) involved. The fact that the LPL and LEC will have four teams competing (because of their recent international dominance) is huge given each region’s strength and sheer talent pool. This means that G2 Esports, Fnatic, MAD Lions, and Origen (if we see a repeat of Spring in Summer) would represent Europe, and Invictus Gaming, JD Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, and Top Esports would do the same for China. Is that not the most mind-blowing World Championship in history? The PCS and VCS also received a bonus seed each because of their historic competitiveness on the international stage (by “wildcard” region standards, of course).

On the one hand, the fact that the Mid-Season Invitational has been canceled is a bummer. On the other, watching more top-tier teams compete at the World Championship is what dreams are made of! This isn’t exactly “compensation,” but it’s certainly the next best thing. Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic will blow over by the time Worlds comes along so that thousands of fans can watch the spectacle unfold in person, along with the millions of those watching online.

We’ll learn more about Riot’s plans as we move closer to the event, including pool placement, tournament structure, and so on. Finally, it’s commendable to see them adapt in such quick fashion to an incredibly challenging series of events. They’ve successfully transferred all major regions to online play and will — knock on wood — continue to thrive even in these trying circumstances.

We’ll keep you updated as more information on the 2020 World Championship changes becomes available.


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