Nvidia GPU Promotion — Get Rainbow Six Siege For Free

by in General | Jul, 30th 2020

Nvidia is not the kind of company that’ll take a back seat in the face of competition. With AMD’s current GPU promotion getting a lot of attention, team green decided to sweeten the deal for potential buyers by offering Rainbow Six Siege free of charge with an Nvidia GPU promotion.

Deal Specifics

All you need to do is purchase an eligible Nvidia graphics card, and you’ll be able to redeem Rainbow Six Siege: Gold Edition free of charge. Nvidia’s current “Frames Win Games” promotion is just one of their many recent attempts at luring potential buyers, and with AMD stepping up in the GPU department as well, you can expect this sort of deal to become a much more frequent occurrence.

Still, Rainbow Six Siege isn’t exactly a logical choice. A release from 2015 isn’t what’ll blow anyone’s mind.

Graphics card manufacturers mostly bundle top-tier triple-A titles, and there’s an excellent reason why that’s the case. AMD, for example, is giving away both Godfall and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. When you put Rainbow Six Siege next to such an offering, it does pale in comparison. Still, you’ll get the base game along with a lot of its post-launch content and DLC. Unfortunately, this deal doesn’t include Nvidia’s GTX 16 series graphics cards (like the 1650 or 1660). Instead, it only covers their top-of-the-line RTX 20 offerings, starting with the RTX 2060 up to 2080 Ti (mobile variants included).

This promotion lasts up until Aug. 27, so if you’re looking to upgrade your graphics card, you’d better do it fast. If you do end up buying one, make sure to download GeForce Experience and redeem your code as soon as possible. Also, make sure to purchase an eligible model from a verified Nvidia partner. For more information, you can check out their official website.

This isn’t as sweet of a deal as the one from AMD. No one should complain about getting free stuff. Rainbow Six Siege is an insanely entertaining game that’s well worth your time (regardless of its price tag).


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