Nukeduck Returns to Pro Play, Will Compete for Excel Esports in the 2021 LEC Summer Split

by in League of Legends | May, 18th 2021

We have official confirmation: Erlend “Nukeduck” Våtevik Holm will return to pro play and will compete under the Excel Esports banner in the upcoming 2021 LEC Summer Split. Now, depending on your allegiance, you’re either pretty satisfied with this news or are pulling your hair out. We’ve reached the point of extremes, and no one’s the better for it. 

This seasoned veteran has to be respected, not just for his longevity but also for the great things he accomplished throughout his career. He is by no means LEC royalty (far from it, in fact), but he was always a solid performer, known for his effectiveness and broad champion pool. It was when he was compared to the all-time greats that he faded from memory. He was good, if not even great at times, but it simply didn’t matter — there was always someone better, more impactful, and more talented than Nukeduck.

This meant Nukeduck never really broke through; he was always in someone else’s shadow. Depending on the team he played for and the teammates he had by his side, his play ranged from abysmal to pretty darn good, but it was never enough for him to etch his name in history. If we had to describe his waning years, we’d say they’ve been “mediocre” at best. And right now, in 2021, just mentioning his pseudonym is enough to draw the ire of the community.

On the one hand, Nukeduck is by no means a stealer of paychecks — he was never dreadful enough to deserve such a label. On the other, he’s a known quantity and has been declining for years (a euphemism for the ages). One could argue — with every right — that his time has passed and that someone else, younger, hungrier for the spotlight should be given a shot. 

Unfortunately, Excel Esports doesn’t seem to agree with such an assessment. 

Lower Your Expectations… If You Have Any Left

Excel Esports are all but guaranteed to remain a bottom-tier dweller. This “prediction” is based purely on empirical evidence — it’s their M.O. It’s not going to change any time soon (if ever). Signing a mid laner most folks deem “washed up” isn’t enough. They’re barely staying afloat, and one has to wonder whether they’re trying to improve at all. Bringing Nukeduck aboard for the 2021 LEC Summer Split won’t change much (if anything), so if you’re an Excel Esports fan, make sure to temper your expectations.


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