NRG Unveils Downtown LA Content Studio ‘The Castle’

by in Entertainment | Nov, 18th 2020

NRG has ripped the curtain back on “The Castle”, their new downtown LA Content studio – a neon soaked playground for gamers, esports pros, and NRG’s content and business teams. 

NRG describes The Castle as “a cutting-edge space for influencers and creatives to connect and enjoy one-of-a-kind installations, elevating gaming tournaments and content creation.” The new space will have its grand opening today, November 18. 

What is The Castle?

The Castle has twelve different areas with unique themes, such as an Oval Office Wreck Room, a dressing room filled with pop culture pros and costumes, and a gaming room complete with a 40 foot television. The NRG Castle studio will have sets for guests to play, collaborate and create in, and is set up to accommodate influencers as well as esports teams. 

The Castle (images courtesy of Variety)

“The NRG Castle is designed to be a hub for entertainment and lifestyle content, taking a funhouse and collaborative workspace to another LED-lit level,” the company said in a statement.

NRG plays host to several teams, including the San Francisco Shock, Fortnite, the Chicago Optic in Call of Duty, and a host of influencers. They will all utilize the space when they are in LA to create content and scrim opponents. Though the release doesn’t make mention of this, it’s possible that it could be used to help market the teams to the nascent esports fanbase in LA, which is considerable considering all of the groundwork that companies like Riot and Blizzard have done there over the years. 

NRG and Hecz Strike Back Against 100 Thieves

Competition has been heating up in the content creation arena as of late. With teams like Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves signing their third content team, it’s become clear that content teams like these are the new arena for esports teams looking to make their mark and continue to be profitable in the post-COVID era.

While esports may be closing in on being a billion-dollar industry, entertainment and content creation are still king. Just YouTube alone generates an estimated $16 to $25 billion in revenue every year, and nearly every organization out there is going to want a piece of that profit. 

A competitive area

This move from NRG and Hecz could be considered getting back to the roots of what kicked off Hector’s career in the first place – after all, he started as a YouTuber before founding OpTic Gaming. This new space could easily rival the 100 Thieves’ Cash App Compound, and with the additional benefit of it being open to the public in some capacity, could even help to make it a local hotspot in a market that 100 Thieves are trying to dominate.

It does go to show that LA is still the mecca of content creation and esports though – it’s yet another team opening a multimillion-dollar compound in LA, whose Hollywood influences are clearly even influencing gaming culture, as it does nearly every other sector of entertainment in the United States. It’s clear that the city’s position of importance will not be going away anytime soon, even if some creators have begun to question the cost of living in LA over another cheaper city like Atlanta or Las Vegas. 


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