NRG Expands Into Asia With League of Legends Squad GAM

by in League of Legends | May, 13th 2021

NRG Asia has formed officially today, and they have already acquired the current VCS League of Legends Champs, GAM. Now that is huge. GAM themselves are five-time champs of the Vietnam Championship Series, so they are a team with a serious pedigree. These are two pretty major powerhouse companies coming together. CMG.ASIA is a fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment company, and NRG Esports is a name we all know and love. What can we expect from NRG Asia though? 

A New Force in the Asian Esports Scene:

The goal of NRG Asia is to be an Esports Management & Media company, with a focus on SEA’s up-and-coming stars. The first team that NRG Asia picked up is a League of Legends team with a ton of potential. As we said, GAM is a five-time winner of the VCS League of Legends Championships, formerly under in Singapore. 

NRG Asia plans on bringing top-quality training, resources, and more to their League of Legends team, and any other squads that come under their banner. Esports is really on the rise, with nearly 1 billion people interested. CMG.Asia has invested in businesses of SEA since 2007, and so they have a solid foothold. NRG Asia has a really solid ground to walk on as they grow and bring resources to the best up-and-comers. 

TK Nguyen, CEO of NRG Asia spoke about the new acquisition:

With the expansion of NRG into Southeast Asia, we are excited to begin this new journey headquartered here in Vietnam. Starting off with the 5-time League of Legends VCS Champions, GAM, our goal is to elevate GAM from being Vietnam champions to leading World championship contenders by providing them additional resources and knowledge by top esport leaders. In addition, having the opportunity to work with an exceptional leader like Andy Miller, who has successfully created multiple championship esport teams, is beyond exciting for all of us. We can’t wait to bring a world championship back to Vietnam and make the motherland proud!

This is a huge move in the SEA scene. There are some talents there that, with NRG’s resources, could really have what it takes to grow in an already competitive scene. SEA, for my money, is one of the most intense esports scenes in the world, so seeing more eyes being put on there is exciting to see. We’re curious to see what other games NRG Asia looks into other than League of Legends. NRG already has an Overwatch team (San Francisco Shock) and a CDL Team (OpTic Chicago). We’ll have to keep our eyes open to see what else is on the menu for NRG Asia.


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