NRG Aims to Form Vietnam’s Official Esports Team

by in General | Jun, 8th 2021

NRG Esports, owners of San Francisco Shock are looking to help create the National Team for Vietnam’s esports. We’ve recently discussed NRG Asia, which is a venture between NRG and CMG.ASIA. As CMG.ASIA is based in Vietnam, the goal is to start bringing esports squads in Vietnam, and then throughout the SEA region. What began as a chat between Andy Miller of CEO and Randy Dobson of CMG.Asia, it sounds like the ultimate goal is to have an official, national esports team for Vietnam, through NRG.

Vietnam Has No National Sport. Could It Be Esports?

According to Andy Miller of NRG, Vietnam has no real national sport. This came from a recent discussion with Sports Business Journal. Though they’re incredibly proud of their League of Legends team, esports isn’t the official sport either. Gaming is a massive part of the Vietnam pastime, and the viewers are wildly proud of the work their squads do. But now that NRG Asia has launched, and they acquired GAM Esports (Vietnamese LoL team), it could be the start the org needs.

The aim is for Andy Miller to bring what made NRG successful with teams like SFS here to Vietnam. That way, they can help create a team of the highest caliber, that can compete with the big leagues. They have players that could have the potential, but they just need the backing of an org like NRG Asia. It’s more than simply being good at a game. One thought genuinely stood out and made this writer chuckle:

“It’s going to be great to watch the NRG brand at Worlds when all the other North American teams are knocked out.”

Oof. He’s not wrong though. It feels almost inevitable that the North American teams will inevitably disappear. The real question though, is why doesn’t Miller put that kind of effort into a North American team? Perhaps our region simply doesn’t have the skill. It does, though. However, Andy Miller is looking for NRG to expand further into Asian esports, not just a Vietnam team.

VCS Update 1.5: Its Official NRG buy GAM Esports! : leagueoflegends
NRG’s Vietnamese LoL squad, Gigabyte Marines, are top dog in the country’s league

One of the most important goals though is to be the national team of Vietnam. His move into Asia really began when the success of the San Francisco Shock took back-to-black championships in Overwatch:

“The Shock is was really puts NRG on the map in Asia…[based on our back-to-back championships] they just thought we were winners, that we know how to create an organization and build structure and support them. The Shock really have paid dividends more than I think people realize.”

It sounds like a far reach at first to think of an org like NRG to be a National Team for any nation, much less Vietnam. The announcement of NRG Asia forming managed to gain national attention and made headlines across the nation. It even made headlines in other countries, and on major news channels in Vietnam. The population is very into esports, and if NRG can make a success out of their new team, there’s no telling what the future holds for them. Wouldn’t it be wild for NRG to be the official National Team of Vietnam, and take them to Worlds? There’s also talk of a Wild Rift team, as NRG Asia is also interested in the growing mobile market.

If only the North American orgs took their teams this seriously here in the United States.


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