No Touch Controls Coming to Wild Rift Say Devs

by in League of Legends | Apr, 19th 2021

Sorry, Vainglory fans, Wild Rift is not going to suddenly pick up Touch Controls, according to Feral Pony. In a recent Q&A session, this was confirmed with no room for leeway. This isn’t an issue that “we may revisit somewhere down the line” or a “We’ll see” like the possibility of champions that are exclusive to Wild Rift. Personally, this writer enjoys the twin-stick controls of Wild Rift, and would probably perform poorer with touch controls. 

Q&A Session Via Twitlonger:

This might be the most interesting Q&A I’ve ever read, to be frank. When I see Twitlonger show up on my feed, it’s because of things like an apology. Someone is being accused of something terrible, someone’s leaving a major company, or another tragedy has occurred. To see a Q&A session pop up this way was comedic, but also informative. This Q&A session commented on more than Touch Controls for Wild Rift though.

Major things like ARAM, minor things like the League shopkeeper were addressed. The most important part of this, perhaps is the nature of control. Someone asked if Vainglory-style touch controls will be implemented in Wild Rift, but the answer is a “no”. 

Wild Rift is designed for this style of twin-stick control, so to change the controls would require some very serious rewrites and redesign. Here’s what FeralPony had to say on Twitlonger:

“Sadly no, we’ll continue to improve and work on controls. While I get that some people prefer that method, but we believe twin stick is the better system. For touch we’d need to rebuild large portions of the game and champions to make this happen. Additionally it causes some really problematic long term balance implications where some champions are only ‘viable’ under a given control scheme. We have multiple devs from VG and they consistently recommended not trying to supporting multiple control schemes like that and it caused a lot of problems in addition to what I mentioned above.”

Adding multiple ways to control does sound like a stressful problem to address. Would touch controls be a more skill-intensive system? Of course, it would. But having the option to do both would likely get players harassed for choosing one or the other for “ease of play”. That’s not what we’re looking for in Wild Rift. 

Instead, Wild Rift’s devs are going to work on improving the controls just in general, instead of adding more ways to play the game. It would inevitably lead to champions that need to use Touch Controls to be efficient/even to play them well, and that’s not something the devs would likely want. To alienate fans who already used the default controls and requiring a whole other way to play just for a few champions would for sure hurt Wild Rift fans who like twin-stick instead of touch controls. So sadly, Vainglory fans, you’re just out of luck here.

This twin-stick style is easier to learn, and probably more beginner-friendly, which is likely what the Wild Rift devs were going for.


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