No Man’s Sky Prisms Update, Overhauling the Game and Adding Requested Features

by in General | Jun, 2nd 2021

The story of No Man’s Sky is one that many players around the world are unable to forget, and now the story continues with the Prisms Update. A Game with so much promise behind it that the developer could not keep up with expectations, and after delaying the game, eventually found themselves releasing an unfinished version of the game, became ridiculed by the public, and then went into hiding. However, where many developers would’ve took off with the money and moved onto the next project. Hello Games, the minds behind No Man’s Sky decided to turn things around, pick themselves up by the bootstraps, and update the game. Slowly but surely, bringing the game back from the lowest point, and winning back their fan’s trust. From adding new worlds and base building, to including proper multiplayer, as well as making it so players could enjoy the universe in Virtual Reality, No Man’s Sky has shown players that Hello Games is willing to atone for their misdeeds, and give back to the community. Even including collaborations with companies like EA to include the Normandy from Mass Effect in the game. 

And like they’ve been doing since 2016, Hello Games is bringing another update to their open world space title. This time, the update called Prisms is adding not only more features into the game that players have been requesting, but also a massive visual overhaul to the title making the game look better than it has ever been.

What Hello Games Has Included

Hello Games has brought in more visual changes over the course and while some of the changes on their own may seem minimal, the full scope of what Hello Games has done has changed No Man’s Sky at it’s visual core. 

Screen Space Reflections

Players will now be able to see reflections in shiny surfaces, this has changed the way that lighting functions in places like space stations, and has also changed how metal looks in the game, being that many of no man’s sky’s bases and stations are made of metal, players will now see environments like the space stations as more vibrant and realistic. 

Volumetric Lighting

Many of the lights in the game have been reworked to accompany new styles of volumetric lighting, meaning that the sentinel drones have a large searchlight that players can see, as well as spaceships and exocraft headlights are now overworked as well. Bioluminescent flora also gain from this new style of Volumetric lighting, meaning that glowing plants will look better than ever. The Flashlight has also gotten an improvement, changing the positioning on the light, as well as changing it’s dynamic brightness and more. 

Hyperdrive Overhaul

When warping to other planets, players will see that the cutscene of hyperdrive now looks completely different, Hello Games aimed to make the warp from system to system feel more intense, calling it a Sensory overhaul. 

Nvidia DLSS Support

Nvidia has been working on a way to increase the framerate of titles that are running on their graphics card, by incorporating super sampling and antialiasing while keeping framerate on their titles. No Man’s Sky will now take advantage of this, meaning that players could possibly double their framerate while keeping the highest level of detail on their adventures.

Richer Caves and Overworld

Hello Games overhauled their caves, filling all of them with rich amounts of flora and fungus some of which take advantage of their volumetric lighting. Hello Game’s goal was to make the caves of planets feel more detailed and diverse, giving players a reason to explore them. The topside of planets have been updated as well, dramatically increasing the amount of detail in planet life for both flora and fauna, making the worlds of no mans sky feel more varied and less barren.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

This tech was included to structures in the game, giving previously flat textures more depth, showing groves and bumps in the structure, and allowing for more detailed versions of previously made textures.

Metrological Rewards

While not a visual update, storms and hazardous weather players encounter while exploring planets now may reap some real rewards, with the game including new items and valuable objects spawning in during dangerous storms. Players who are brave enough to find their way through the treacherous weather will now be heavily rewarded by deciding to take the risk of stepping out into the dangerous conditions. 


No Man’s Sky Overhauled transparent materials in the game, changing the way that players look through things like Force fields, Glass, Bubbles, and Cockpits of Spaceships, meaning that anyone looking in on the world through these objects will now be able to see real time refractions in the game. This also plays into the way rain works in the game as well, making the rain itself refract light. The rain also falls heavier, giving storms more weight in the game. 

Appearance Modifier UI

The UI for the character creator in the game has been retooled to streamline customizing your character that other players will be able to see when playing multiplayer with other interlopers in the universe. 

Dynamic Starfields

Hello Games have updated the night sky changing the number quality, and variety of stars that players will see while they’re standing on the dark side of a planet. Giving the night sky a well-deserved visual overhaul.

Creature Updates

After the release of the companions update, players will notice that more creatures are able to be tamed and rode. This now includes flying creatures, which will allow players to take to the skies without the use of their spaceship. Players will also be able to see that certain creatures now have fur.

Quality of Life Improvements

No Man’s Sky also got some quality of life improvements, With UI fixes and a station in the Citadel for players to exchange their money for items used to craft things. Players will also be able to keep planetary charts in the event that one doesn’t find a building.

All these inclusions and more are now available for players in No Man’s Sky with the new Prisms Update. The full list of changes can be found on their website as well. With this new update the track record for Hello Games since the release of No Man’s Sky, Players should expect the series to continue into the future. Making the game better than anyone would’ve have thought when it launched in 2016.


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