No Man’s Sky Adds Sandworms and Flesh Fireworks in Halloween Update

by in General | Oct, 21st 2021

No Man’s Sky is the gift that keeps on giving, and players who have stuck with the title since 2016 know this all too well. While the story has been recounted many times, players all know that this title put the developers, Hello Games, to the test.

Now, after years and years of delivering free content, they’re continuing the trend. After the addition of towns and more, there’s still room for more. To help players get into the Halloween spirit, Hello Games puts their players face to face with horrifying sandworms.

No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

This new expedition is putting players in the hot seat, both literally and figuratively. Players are going to start their expedition on the barren wasteland of Wasan. However, they’re not alone on the planet. They’re going to be hunted by the ravenous titan worms plaguing the planet from the beginning. 

With the worms and cursed dust storms to keep them on their toes, players will have to find a way to cleanse the planet and unravel the dark narrative in this expedition. Once they’ve managed to escape, it’s up to the players to confront the Atlas. 

This is the first expedition in the game to have an overarching narrative that players can enjoy and experience. It will set a precedent throughout the world of No Man’s Sky, with more expeditions likely to follow this format. 

New Titanic Worm Variants

More worms are going to be added to the universes Fauna. These worms are going to be just as big as the ones in the expedition. On top of this, since the game’s programming has everything procedural, players won’t know what they’re going to encounter first. However, Hello Games has been very kind to show off some more horrifying variants of the Titanic worms, including three-jawed and four-jawed monstrosities.

Richer Particle Effects

Just because the update focuses on players fighting massive evil monster worms doesn’t mean that Hello Games isn’t finding new ways to enhance the experience. Players will receive new particle effects to make meteor showers, muzzle flashes, explosions, burrowing dust, and more realistic and impressive.

Rewards for Emergence

Completing the expedition will net players with a myriad of awards. The first reward is an item called the feasting casque. Players will be able to add this worm-shaped alien head with its gaping maw and hundreds of teeth to their cosmetics, making them a spooky sight for anyone involved.

The next reward for completing this new expedition is the ridable sandworms. With all the new looks for this terrifying terraformer, players won’t know what kind of worm they will get when they start raising it. Players will raise and grow their massive worm, which will stick around despite its size. Players can also ride their newfound monster and fly into the skies as the worm launches itself into the air. 

Those who fancy their jetpack will be happy to know about a new trail. The Ghastly Trail will turn a jetpack into a machine that propels their interloper into the sky with ooze and small worms, making for a disgusting and spooky view. 

For the decorators, completing the expedition will help players get their hands on the Titanic trophy. A massive skull of a long-extinct cousin of the horrifying worms, they’re going to be able to put this skull inside of their houses and add a touch of Halloween flair to their bases in-game.

And lastly, the game gets a strange addition to those who complete the expedition. The Flesh Launcher is a special kind of firework that can launch fireworks made out of slime, flesh, and wormlets, adding a gooey addition to the bases of players who have a fondness for pyrotechnics. 

With that, the newest expedition in No Man’s Sky is here. Players itching for a scare should jump into the game to check out the massive horrors that plague the desolate planets of the universe, cutting holes through the terrain and eating unsuspecting interlopers whole. More information on this update can be found on the game’s website here.


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