NitroLukeDX and Jeff Leach Beef Costs Both Facebook Partnership

by in Entertainment | May, 13th 2021

Jeff Leach and Nitrolukedx have been caught up in some pretty heated beef lately. The result is that both got their Facebook Gaming partnerships removed. We have spoken about Jeff Leach recently to boot. A comedian and streamer, Jeff Leach was a voice for the CoD franchise, until recently. Thanks to some Twitch clips that were uncovered, Jeff was fired from that role with the CoD series. The next step appeared to be to beef with another streamer. What’s going on in this beef, anyway?

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

This all kicked off when NitroLukeDX started a bit of a thread on Twitter highlighting the sexist comments of Jeff Leach. He had some particularly unkind things to say not just about ZombiUnicorn, but a variety of women in his streams. You can find the thread and the links right here. This led to ZombiUnicorn responding:

“At this point, it’s not on us to have thicker skin. It’s on companies to take these reports more seriously. If you want to post during protests and social activism causes, about how you’re supportive as a company, then you need to be consistent across the board and you need to remove people like this.”

Jeff Leach argued that NitroLukeDX’s clips were “out of context”, and that lawyers were already on the case about this supposed character assassination. Jeff Leach did hit back though, retweeting  NitroLukeDX making a joke about one of his viewer’s mothers. Neither had complimentary things to say about women, that’s for sure.

As a result, Facebook ended its partnerships with both Jeff Leach and NitroLukeDX. Both have apparently problematic pasts with how they treat and speak about women on their streams. According to reports, a Facebook spokesperson said the following:

“We expect our Facebook Gaming partners to model a high standard of conduct. As of today, we have ended our contract with Jeff Leach and terminated his partner status with Facebook Gaming. We’ve done the same with NitroLukeDX due to his behavior on prior streams.”

NitroLukeDX’s comments are certainly gross and beyond reproach. Jeff Leach’s are no better, actively calling out another streamer and insulting them on a stream isn’t the way. Leach used to stream on Twitch, but was banned back in 2017. This is allegedly for comments about Natalie ‘ZombiUnicorn’ Casanova. Leach claims he was banned because ZombiUnicorn was dating a member of Twitch staff, but she denied this emphatically.

Either way, the two streamers have both lost their partnership status for how they act and behave when on the air, and there’s no telling if they will ever get their status back. Jeff Leach was also recently fired by Activision, and reportedly lost a trio of sponsors: Sneak Energy, Team Kitchen, and AimControllers. Nobody here wants to see someone lose a major source of income, but it’s not okay to harass and insult people in such a public forum as a livestream. Now we don’t have context for everything in the clips mentioned, but none of it’s a good look.


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