NiP Controversy Part 3: The Accusers

by in CS:GO | Jul, 31st 2019

So far in this series addressing the NiP controversy, we’ve taken a look at Fifflaren’s accusations against NiP that started the whole affair, as well as the team’s rebuttal against any charges of wrongdoing. We’ve also covered the recent revelations around two current players investing in the team.

Today, though, we’re going to take a look at some folks who haven’t received as much attention: the other former associates of the team, and their accusations against the long-standing organization.

Accusers in the NiP Controversy

We’ve already talked about Fifflaren’s accusations and Maikelele’s revelations around his time with the team during DreamHack 2014.

The players affected by the org’s allegedly unethical practices don’t end with those two, or even that period of time in the org’s history, however.

Skytten, along with Maikelele, discussed how the team they’d created, LGB, got taken over somehow by NiP, while Xizt and Friberg both also added their voices to the growing list whose exits from the org were handled poorly, though provided no further evidence.

Outside of CS:GO, the team’s former social media and community manager Benji also brought strong accusations against the team, charging that he was working as a borderline volunteer with the team, and was spontaneously let go despite being assured by management that he was doing fine.

The LGB issue was further compounded by Kevin “kevz” Mikkelson, the team’s former manager, who stated that he was mistreated on the team after the NiP acquisition and when he moved over to the NiP main organization. He alleges that while working as a team operations manager for the org’s Overwatch and DotA 2 team that he was forced to deal with several stalled contracts.

Michelle Knudson, also a member of the DoTA 2 management team, further added fuel to the fire when she brought up how the org had refused to pay half of her salary until the NiP controversy blew up online and forced their hand.

Ex-graphic designer Mara also brought up claims of lacking pay as well, mentioning that she’d pretty much volunteered for 60 to 70 projects for the team.

Missing pay, false promises of employment and even a leaked DM revealing the CEO of NiP didn’t even know who she was or that she’d made the artwork for the team were brought up in a post on Mara’s Twitter shortly after the story broke last week.

Our investigative reporter Jake has also been contacted by several other ex-staff and players who have brought forth further accusations against the team and their team with it, with more popping up by the day.

It’s clear that this isn’t something NiP can just sweep under the rug at this point: they’ll need to answer some serious questions about their operations and business practices in the coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned, we’ll continue our coverage as more allegations and information comes to light.


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