NIP and GamerPay Team Up To Combat CSGO Skin Scams

by in CS:GO | Oct, 29th 2021

Scams in CSGO are all too common, but Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) and GamerPay have teamed up to help put a stop to skin scams. The two organizations came together for a two-year partnership, with the ultimate goal of eliminating these CSGO skin scams once and for all. This is through a marketplace that was launched in May 2021 by GamerPay. For now, it’s focused on CSGO skins, but in the future, more games will be added. It would be nice to see this kick-off successfully, so people can buy and sell their valuable CSGO skins with safety and security.

5,000 Gamers Totaled $1M in Scammed Out of Skins:

GamerPay and NIP spoke to 5,000 gamers in the CSGO scene, and these people alone were scammed out of $1M worth of CSGO skins. That is a terrifying number, and when you consider there are more than 3 billion people playing online games, you can imagine the real number of scams going on. GamerPay is trying to help solve that problem, and are partnering with NIP, who have the same goal in mind of making it safe for CSGO skin sales.

Martin Lykke Suhr, Co-Founder of GamerPay talked about scamming:


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