Nintendo Shuts Down Project+ Smash Tournament, Riptide

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 30th 2021

One of Riptide’s main events shuts down, as Nintendo sends a cease and desist concerning Project+. It seems like the Smash Brawl community just can’t catch a break. Via the Riptide Twitter account, we heard that all events related to Project+ had to be suspended, killing one of Riptide’s main event tournaments. To those not familiar, Project+ is an updated version of another popular Smash Brawl update, Project M. Is this the end of Project+ tournaments for the future? If Nintendo continues to send these cease and desists, it’s pretty likely. So Nintendo shuts down a major Project+ tournament, and the community is not pleased.

Riptide is still going down on September 10th, at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, only without Smash Project+.

Nintendo Does Not Like Smash Mods/Apps

Back in November 2020, The Big House had to cancel their Smash events that used Project Slippi, or any other third-party tools for that matter. If it’s not using their consoles, carts, and controllers, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to go down. Here we are, about a year later, and another major Smash event was cancelled for using modded software. Nintendo shuts down a Project+ tournament, run through Riptide. On Twitter, Riptide made a statement about the decision:


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