Nintendo Could Decrease the Price of the Regular Switch

by in General | Sep, 11th 2021

According to Nintend’Alerts, Nintendo will decrease the price of the original Switch from $299 to just $249 on September 13. There’s still no official announcement, but such a decision definitely makes a whole lot of sense seeing how the OLED model is scheduled to hit the market in just a couple of weeks (October 8, to be more exact). 

Why the Price Reduction?

Moreover, with Nintendo being the only console manufacturer selling its products at a profit, there’s really no reason why it wouldn’t lower the asking price and generate even more interest in a wholly organic way. And, of course, doing so would further separate the original Switch from its OLED successor — a smart business decision, no doubt. 

This Kyoto-based giant often employed this exact same strategy whenever it released new iterations of its consoles, so if this rumor does end up being correct it’d totally be within Nintendo’s M.O.

A Spectacular Deal

If Nintendo does decrease the price of its oh-so-alluring Switch, it’ll be the first price drop since its release back in 2017 — that alone tells you all you need to know when it comes to its immense success (both commercial and critical). It is one of the best-selling consoles of all time and is beloved by millions of gamers across the globe. It might not be as powerful as a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series S/X, but what it lacks in sheer oomph and graphical prowess, it more than makes up for with its hybrid nature and phenomenal (and surprisingly varied) game library.

In other words: it’s incredibly fun to use and has a slew of strengths and virtues its biggest competitors lack. Over time, it also became obvious that Nintendo doesn’t even want to compete — why would it? Its target demographic is either entirely different from those of Sony and Microsoft, or has a (relatively) negligible amount of overlap.
And, needless to say, selling the Switch at an even lower price point would only further cement its envious position.


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