Ninja’s Twitch Viewership in 2021 Drops by 50% Without Fortnite

by in Fortnite | Aug, 2nd 2021

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is still one of the biggest names on Twitch in terms of viewership in 2021. He’s more or less given up playing Fortnite, and that has caused a serious blow to his viewer numbers, but it doesn’t seem to matter. His concurrent viewer count is at an all-time low it seems, losing about 50% of them by not playing Fortnite. He’s made some incredible moves, and it’s hard to argue that because of Fortnite, he had his biggest successes. He’s made his money with the game, and it seems like it’s not as fun for him anymore, or he simply feels comfortable doing other things. Like playing Final Fantasy XI – a 20-year old MMORPG.

Still #1 in Followers, But Not in Viewers

Sure, Ninja still has 16.7 million followers on Twitch in 2021, but his viewership has taken a major hit. His average viewers per stream is about 3600, which is a rough 50% drop in July 2021. He’s also streamed less this month, only going for 89 hours total. Six of those were Fortnite where he had about 10,000 viewers. Despite that, it doesn’t seem like it’s the play for him anymore. What does he really want to play?

That’s right, Final Fantasy XI, a 20-year old MMO, and one that this writer occasionally plays to this day. When Ninja appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he claimed FFXI is his favorite game of all time. With 70 hours of it on his stream in July, it’s clear what he wants to do. Sure they aren’t pulling in the same numbers as Fortnite – not even close. With a 6-8,000 viewer deficit between Fortnite and FFXI, it’s a curious thing that he chooses to play the fun thing instead of the big thing. 

Well, it should be curious. But let’s be honest, Ninja has more than made his money in streaming and gaming. Even if it’s only 2,000 viewers a stream for FFXI if he’s having fun doing it, there’s no shame at all in it. Many streamers don’t feel like they have this luxury, but when you’ve come as far as Ninja has, you do. Fortnite isn’t even in Ninja’s top three games in the last year – Valorant, League of Legends, and Final Fantasy XI those posts. Besides, FFXI is an incredible RPG, still feeling fun despite how archaic some of its systems are after all these years. So while Ninja’s Twitch viewership has plummeted in 2021, he seems to be having fun.


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