Why Has Ninja Stopped Playing Fortnite So Much?

by in Entertainment | Sep, 29th 2020

Fortnite is still one of the biggest games on the Internet right now. Sure, Among Us is picking up a lot of steam, and Fall Guys has hopefully changed how we perceive Battle Royale games, but Fortnite is synonymous with online gaming, as is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. However, he’s not been playing so much of it. Tyler recently opened up on why he stopped playing so much Fortnite though! The answer probably isn’t going to be surprising to critics of Epic Games’ hit multiplayer title.

Has Fortnite Had its Fortnight in the Sun? Ninja Doesn’t Think So

Though Ninja is back playing Fortnite, he’s recently taken time away from the game he’s been linked closely to. According to Ninja himself, the last few seasons have been “stale”, leading to him temporarily quitting the game. Besides, there are tons of other hot games to try right now. Though the last couple of seasons have been dreadful and boring, it seems that Epic brought Ninja back around.

Instead, Ninja was spending time playing Valorant instead, because Fortnite’s content creation efforts were, according to Ninja, “super boring”. That’s why Ninja stopped playing Fortnite. Here’s what he said:

 “I’m just starting to play Fortnite again. I haven’t played in months. Honestly, the game wasn’t fun to me. It was super stale and super boring. I mean, I honestly don’t have anything good to say about Fortnite in the last two seasons.”

There’s no sense of playing a game if you aren’t having fun. If it’s a chore to play and you have to fake enthusiasm, your audience is going to pick up on it. Ninja took a several season break from the game, until SypherPK asked him to come back and play some duos. 

What else led to Ninja going away? Perhaps it’s also ranked play that’s bogging Ninja down. After all, he’s recently gone on record to say it’s not fair that pro players have to play against what he calls “run of the mill” ranked players on the ladder. 

After all, Fortnite’s not really an esport in many people’s eyes. This chat probably had something to do with why Ninja stopped playing Fortnite. In a recent discussion, he was quoted about the Ranked Ladder:

We can see a favorite weapon leaving the game causing disinterest though. You find a weapon that works, it’s powerful and is leading to awesome plays, and now it’s gone? Feels very MTG Arena and the needed-but-disappointing bans. 

For now, Fortnite’s back in Ninja’s rotation, but who knows what the future holds? If Epic Games continues to drop the ball on competitive play, lowering the prize pool, and not supporting an actual league, it may lead to Fortnite playing a game where he can play competitively. Perhaps Valorant or Fall Guys? Only time will tell!


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