Ninja Quits Valorant Team Time In

by in Valorant | May, 13th 2021

Ninja told all his viewers on stream that he was quitting the Valorant esports team Time In. This unprompted departure from the esports team has many questioning what will happen to Time In since Ninja is no longer playing for them.

Moving On

On a League of Legends recent stream, Ninja revealed that he was stepping away from Time In. He mentions in the stream that he wants to focus more on himself, saying that he didn’t have the time allotted to focus on getting up to the standards that Time In required of him. 

“I told the team to find a replacement for me,” he said on stream while playing League of Legends. “I feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can get off whenever I want now. I could spend the whole night not streaming. I would’ve had to stop streaming 26 minutes ago and have been ready for scrims if I was still competing. My whole life is so much more open now that I’m not competing.”

This isn’t the first time that Ninja has quit a game. While he wasn’t playing competitively, Ninjas gained most of his notoriety playing Fortnite on Twitch. However, the main reason he stepped away from the world-renowned battle royale was over the ridiculous amount of stream snipers. Players who joined Ninja’s game with the sole purpose of killing him. These players were so many that it pushed Ninja to step away from Fortnite, even though Epic Games had included settings to mitigate the issue. However, it wasn’t enough for Ninja to be rid of the problem. 

With that, Ninja played a myriad of other games before deciding to focus on playing Valorant. This kept him in the spotlight, being one of the faces of the game and eventually starting on with Time In as part of their roster. However, Ninja wasn’t able to keep up with the commitment of being a full-time Valorant player, and he decided to step down and focus on his family first. 

It seems like Ninja’s decision to leave Time In is for his own betterment, as he wants to focus on practicing and casually stream more frequently. Viewers of Ninja who are interested in seeing him online will be pleasantly surprised to see the streamer starting to stream more often. But he’s looking into joining again once he’s well and ready.


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